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Alpha Foundations Case Studies: San Marco Historic District Residence - Jacksonville, FL

Thursday, February 19th, 2015 by Lisa Scully


The owner of this 7,000 square foot home built in 1938 in Jacksonville’s historic San Marco district contacted their homeowner’s association manager reporting cupping and buckling of their hardwood floors. Over the course of 15 years, the homeowners had previously tried other remedies including installing additional fans and moisture barriers. Their latest remedy required them to install dehumidifiers in the living space of the home, which they had to empty up to two and three times per day because of all the moisture being pulled out of the air.

The association manager recommended contacting Alpha Foundation Specialists to determine a permanent solution that could remedy their humidity problems.

Upon inspection, the Alpha Foundations design specialist was able to determine that the crawl space had a 95% humidity level and that there was a tremendous amount of condensation buildup in the space. The humidity was causing the condensation and, in return, the condensation was causing fungal growth on the organic materials in the crawl space.


Over the course of three days, Alpha Foundation Specialists was able to clean the debris and fungus from the crawl space and install more than 1,700 square feet of CleanSpace. CleanSpace is an encapsulation system that is specifically designed to control moisture, water intrusion and humidity in the crawl space.

Installation began by having Associated Services, a mold remediation company, clean the debris and soda blast the organic portions of the crawl space. After cleaning, the production crew installed the encapsulation system up the walls, around the block piers and across the floor of the entire space, all while working in a very tight crawl space that was common size for homes built during that time.

In addition to encapsulation, Alpha Foundations sealed the crawl space vents to prevent further outside air intrusion, installed a Basement Systems SmartSump pumping system and a Basement Systems SaniDry crawl space dehumidifier.

After we completed the installation, the homeowner’s floors began to dry and flatten out, and the humidity level was reduced by more than 40%. Now, the homeowners can enjoy a clean, dry crawl space.

Project Summary

Cert: Alpha Foundation Specialists, Inc.

Products Installed: 1,780 square feet of CleanSpace; 1,780 square feet of Drainage Matting; EverLast Crawl Space Door; SaniDry CX; SmartSump

About the author
Lisa Scully is the Marketing Manager with Alpha Foundation Specialists. Her mission is to educate you on the symptoms of and solutions to all types of foundation problems. To learn more about Lisa and Alpha Foundations, visit us at