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N Square, Inc. Receives Award at 2013 Team Basement Systems Convention

N Square, Inc. recently attended the 2013 Team Basement Systems Convention and brought home an award for total sales of Foundation Supportworks products.

Monticello, FL - September 4, 2013

N Square, Inc. earned award for Foundation Supportworks sales at 2013 Team Basement Systems Convention

N Square, Inc. was recently honored at the Annual Team Basement Systems Convention, a gathering of dealers from across the United States, Canada and the UK.

The annual convention is held each year at Basement Systems headquarters in Seymour, Conn. and the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Conn. The three day event brings together dealers in the international network for training, seminars, networking, vendor and team building events, and a celebration of achievements.

This year, N Square, Inc. received one award at the Team Basement Systems International Convention.  

N Square, Inc. was awarded:

  • No. 28 of Top 50 Foundation Supportworks Dealers by Total Sales (out of 221 active dealers)

The high-powered event featured best-selling author and motivational speaker Aron Ralston. His book, Between A Rock And A Hard Place, was turned into the critically-acclaimed movie titled 127 Hours starring James Franco. Ralston moved the crowd with his inspirational story of survival and posed for pictures afterwards with attendees. 

Google also had a presence at this spectacular event. Two Google representatives delivered a behind-the-scenes peek at how to best utilize the search engines tools for successful business results.

Close to eleven hundred people attended the annual Basement Systems Convention this year, which is the highest attendance to date. The flagship event is held each August in Connecticut.

About N Square, Inc.

N Square, Inc. is the authorized Foundation Supportworks dealer in Southwest Florida. They have served commercial, residential and government clients in the Greater Miami area for more than 20 years. They install a complete line of Foundation Supportworks foundation repair products for repairing existing structures and end-bearing deep foundations for new construction applications, including foundation piers and anchors, crawl space jacks, wall anchor systems and more. They specialize in repairing foundation cracks, bowing walls, sagging floor joists and other damages due to foundation settlement. 

About Foundation Supportworks

Foundation Supportworks is an international network of independently-owned and operated foundation repair dealerships across North America. Each dealer is authorized, trained and certified at one of two Foundation Supportworks headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska and Seymour, Connecticut. Foundation Supportworks maintains a staff of both geotechnical and structural engineers to assist in product design, dealer support, and quality assurance of all their state-of-the-art structural repair products.