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Wild Weather Washes Out Western Florida

The severe rain experienced in western Florida is leaving even the most weather-hardened individuals with a serious headache. The experts at Alpha Foundation Specialists are here to help!

Monticello, FL - May 1, 2014


Don’t Let Heavy Weather Leave You Unprotected

Alpha Foundation Specialists deals with heavy weather

TALLAHASSEE, FL- With the outlandish amount of rain pelting the state of Florida, Alpha Foundation Specialists has been working overtime to help both homeowners and businesses deal with the intense flooding occurring near their area.

Even thought Florida is known for its increased precipitation, several regions are experiencing record levels of rainfall. Much of western Florida is facing high water scenarios, including washed out homes and roads. The chest-high water flow even forced major military bases to shut down.

Alpha Foundation Specialists are prepared to help you deal with these severe rain events, keeping your family safe and your property protected. With this intense onslaught of heavy precipitation, Alpha Foundation Specialists is running emergency crews and inspectors all weekend long to keep up with the needs of nearby residents.

The foundation products offered by Alpha are designed to hold up under even the heaviest rain. Baker and Debbie Clark of Gulf Breeze were quoted saying “Alpha’s piers are the only reason we didn’t lose our house.”

If you’re in the GulfCoast area and are facing serious water issues, you don’t have to go it alone. The experts at Alpha Foundation Specialists can help, so call today!