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Testimonials for Alpha Foundations

Suzanne's house in Stuart, FL had many structural issues. Friends and neighbors repetitively recommended that she sell the house, but Suzanne wasn't ready to leave her treasured home. In an attempt to remedy the concerns, Suzanne reached out to Alpha Foundations. She initially intended to fix specific problem areas, but was so pleased with the results that she entrusted the remaining foundation repairs to Alpha Foundations. In this video, Suzanne describes her experience and the results of the completed work. "I was so impressed with each step, I kept adding more to my job. Now, they are finishing it up and I would recommend Alpha Foundations to anyone!"
Suzanne D. of Stuart, FL
Friday, May 19th
Judy R. from Jupiter Farms, FL was very impressed upon learning about the PolyLevel™ System offered by Alpha Foundations.Around that time, Judy noticed concrete areas around her home that had sunken, and thought of PolyLevel as an option for repair.In this testimonial, Judy talks about her process, the results from the PolyLevel application and her experience with Alpha Foundations.“So good to know that…no creatures can get underneath. It is just an amazing process!”
Judy R. of Jupiter Farms, FL
Friday, July 21st
Elizabeth L. recently hired Alpha Foundations to level the pool deck of her Cape Coral home. In this video she explains that she primarily chose Alpha Foundations, because of the PolyLevel System, offered exclusively by the company in FL. After doing some research, she concluded that it would be much more affordable and less disruptive to simply raise the slab with the PolyLevel system than replacing it entirely. In this video she speaks about the experience with the company before, during and after project completion. "I'd definitely recommend you guys. You were on time, courteous, did the job great and all the questions I had were answered", says Elizabeth.
Elizabeth L. of Cape Coral, FL
Thursday, April 6th
Customer Testimonial Video - Mark Mill 
Mark M. of Fort Myers, FL
Tuesday, September 29th
Customer Testimonial - Bonita Springs Florida 
Jane L. of Bonita Spring, FL
Tuesday, September 29th
  Soon after Clive T. bought his vintage Hollywood, FL home, he realized the concrete slab was sinking -- a problem that had been hidden by the home's existing carpet and padding. At the time, Clive looked into several options to fix the floors but all were very messy and disruptive. As a result, he decided to live with the problem and patch the gap between the walls and floor. As years passed and the floors progressively worsened, strain was added to the walls and cracks began to form. Clive realized he needed to find a permanent solution. While researching online, he came across our website and learned about the revolutionary PolyLevel™ Concrete Lifting and Leveling Service. Clive was encouraged by the thought of having his floors “lifted and leveled” with only a few dime-sized holes drilled into the concrete. In this video, Clive talks about his experience with Alpha Foundations and the results of the PolyLevel installation. "I am very happy that it was done with minimal disruption to my home," says Clive.
Clive T. of Hollywood, FL
Friday, May 19th
Annette E. from Naples, FL recently had her home's cracked, sinking driveway repaired by Alpha Foundations using the PolyLevel™ system.  Watch as she describes the experience she had as a customer and the results after the PolyLevel application. "We didn't realize how bad it was, and the work that they did is just great!" says Annette.
Annette E. of Naples, FL
Monday, March 27th
  The driveway at Gary and Annette E.'s home in Naples, FL was cracked and unleveled with pieces of the slab raised up to one and a half inches in some areas. The couple called Alpha Foundations to lift and level the slab with the revolutionary PolyLevel™ system. PolyLevel is a structural-grade polymer foam used as a smart alternative to conventional mudjacking. It's a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement and cures in minutes.  In this video, they speak about the service provided by the company and the results. "I was really satisfied when I saw that everything was put back together and most important and satisfactory to me was the service," says Gary.
Gary & Annette E. of Naples, FL
Monday, March 27th
My experience with Alpha Foundations was very pleasant. Ryan was very helpful in explaining everything making sure I understood the way it all works and was very personable.
Sara E. of Douglas, GA
Thursday, June 13th
Ryan Sellers of Alpha Foundations came to our house by reference from another vendor. He looked at our repair need and determined it was not the nature of work they performed. He referred me to another contractor who responded promptly and made the repair at a reasonable rate. Mr. Sellers also identified a plumbing leak in our crawl space of which I was unaware and which has since been repaired. He also reviewed and priced a crawl space system that is their specialty. There was no pressure to buy and in fact an admission that our house is not a prime candidate for the service. If I needed Foundation service of any kind I would make Alpha Foundation my first call.
Richard H. of Douglas, GA
Thursday, June 13th
I was recently inteoduced to a Alpha Foundations by a relative who used them and was very happy with their experince. I set an appointment. The rep, Ryan Sellers, was fantastic. I was in need of services very quickly due to an active home purchase and a short timeframe to respond to an inspection report. The main office scheduled my appointment and characterized the process perfectly. I was able to contact Ryan, and he graciously moved our appointment up based on the urgency. He showed up on time, was very professional, explained his observations and procided the needed documentation the same day. Ryan's professionalism and expertise was great and if Alpha Foundations has others like him on staff then I think it is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with using them.
Michael R. of Douglas, GA
Thursday, June 13th
Had a great experience with Alpha Foundations. From scheduling and customer service to the actual appointment. Austin was great, had good advice, recommendations, and took care of everything we needed! I will be recommending them to everyone as the go to for foundation needs!
Chris D. of Waycross, GA
Monday, June 17th
Extremely pleased with this company. Two of the sharpest and most courtest guys (Jarred & Justin) did a wonderful job on my old frame house.
Wayne W. of Waycross, GA
Monday, June 17th
Working with Alpha has been a pleasure. The level of professionalism is above par. The staff is friendly and helpful. Adlai (foreman) is incredibly hardworking, accommodating and conscientious. I would not hesitate to call Alpha for future needs.
Laura M. of Waycross, GA
Monday, June 17th
Kyle & Kenny were professional and gave detailed explanations of everything they were doing. The job they completed for me is awesome!!! I am extremely pleased with their work and would highly recommend them.
Gregg B. of Waycross, GA
Monday, June 17th
Colin McQuillen the sales representative was very professional and followed up on the job. Adlai the Foreman and the entire crew worked very efficiently, we’re very neat, professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend Alpha Foundations to secure your homes foundation!!
Barbra R. of Waycross, GA
Monday, June 17th
Thanks to Adlai for taking the time to answer questions and explain the process to me. He was very helpful, professional and courteous. I was very impressed with the service and would use Alpha Foundations again!
Amanda M. of Tifton, GA
Friday, July 26th
From the salesperson Joshua to the team that came and fixed our pool deck was phenomenal. They were very professional, proficient, and courteous. The gentlemen knew exactly what they were doing whether it be paperwork, calculations, pricing, or the actual work. Everything worked like clockwork. I would truly use this company again if I could have this team of gentleman.
Charley S. of Tifton, GA
Friday, July 26th
Eric Zegle was very professional. I had a lot of questions and he answered all of them. At the end of the presentation, I felt very knowledgeable on the whole process of getting my foundation repaired. I am happy to be working with Alpha Foundations and will recommend them to all of my neighbors and friends.
Chelsey W. of Tifton, GA
Friday, July 26th
Before I sold my home and again before I bought my condo, Trey inspected my properties for damage I could not see. He was friendly and knowledgeable and I have recommended your company and him personally to other family and friends who needed Alpha's services. I'm impressed by Trey's work ethic and that of your company. You've hired some stellar team members and as a company, you should be proud.
Maureen B. of Tifton, GA
Friday, July 26th
Alpha Foundations did an awesome job for me. I had foundation issues and they recommended a great solution and followed through to make sure that I was satisfied with the work. The two technicians on my job (Ryan Reid and Patrick) were top notch. They were very professional, they knew what they were doing, they took the time to explain the job to me and they made sure that I was completely satisfied with the results of their work. I could not have asked for two better people to do my job. In addition, they were very friendly, personable, and cared very deeply about getting the job done right!
Ben B. of Tifton, GA
Wednesday, February 12th
Adlai and his crew did a phenomenal job putting in the helical piers to support our chimney. They were quick, efficient, and respectful. They clearly explained what they were doing and made sure I was satisfied before they left. Kenny and Kyle did our poly-foam and they were amaizing. They showed us the foam, explained how it works, and completed the job with great care and expertise.
Jeremiah B. of Callahan, FL
Monday, July 22nd
I had an outstanding experience with Alpha Foundations and Trey Sumner! I called to have a home that I was buying be inspected for foundation issues. He caught a pretty big issue that the normal home inspector didn’t see. I was very thankful that he was there and discovered the exterior wall bowing. Trey got me a quote quickly and on the schedule for a foundation repair. I was very impressed with how thoroughly and quickly he worked! The team who repaired my home did a wonderful job, they were thorough and didn’t leave any kind of debris or mess. I will recommend Trey and Alpha Foundations to anyone looking for foundation repairs!
Derek of Callahan, FL
Monday, July 22nd
Total testimonials : 716