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Commercial Foundations Case Studies: Beach Community Bank – Niceville, FL


Alpha Foundations was contacted by General Contractor Randy Wise Homes to install Drive Rite 2600 Series 2-7/8” Schedule 80 Helical Pipe Piles at the Beach Community Bank in Niceville, Florida.

Location: Niceville, FL
Alpha Solution:

A concrete slab & frame were already present from the previous structure so it was necessary for Alpha Foundations to engineer brackets which could support the new wind loads. Drive Rite Piering Systems designed brackets which had the ability to hold down a minimum of 24,000 lbs. The bracket had a stick of all-thread which went through the center of the bracket which allowed us to draw the slack out of the 4 anchor bolts which were drilled 8” into the footing which was only 18” thick. Alpha Foundations installed helical piles in a total of 10 different locations to an average depth of 21’. This depth was selected prior to Alpha Foundations arrival and was based on the soil borings which were performed by Universal Engineering Sciences. The piles were installed until 8,000 foot/pounds of torque was achieved. This torque was monitored with a Marian Technologies torque indicator and a shear pin indicator.