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Commercial Foundations Case Studies: Deerlake Middle School – Tallahassee, FL


Alpha Foundations was contacted by General Contractor Ram Construction & Development to install Drive Rite 25000 Series 2-7/8” Helical Pipe Piles at Deerlake Middle School in Tallahassee, FL.

The gymnasium was undergoing renovations and the existing walls and footings would be under new greater loads. The access into the gym was limited to a standard double door entrance and mobility inside of the building was highly limited. The site was also lacking soil information. These factors made helical piles the only option due to their ability to provide real load data during installation and to be installed with smaller equipment that could access the various rooms and corridors in the gym without causing any damage to the concrete floors or walls.

Location: Tallahassee, FL
Alpha Solution:

JGP Engineering recognized the versatility of helical anchors for this scenario and specified that 39 helical anchors should be used at various locations on the interior walls. The pile used had a double helix arrangement 8”-10”, and would be installed to a minimum of 4,000 foot/ pounds of torque which would provide a pile with a minimum ultimate capacity of approximately 36,000 pounds. Each pile was fastened to the foundation with a Drive Rite Lifting Bracket.

The pile installation was monitored by JGP Engineering and results were confirmed by a Marion Technologies Torque Indicator which graphed all of the installation data to provide a real time capacity (See picture above). The installation of the piles and brackets took only 4 working days.