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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Helical Piles Installation – Gulf Breeze, FL


Alpha Foundations was contacted by General Contractor Lister Builders, LLC to install High Capacity Segmented Casing Helical Pipe Piles (HCHPP) to a depth of 16’ deep in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

The home shown above was damaged by hurricanes and had no sufficient load bearing piles left on the East end of the residence. The residence had temporary shoring installed prior to Alpha Foundations arrival.

Location: Gulf Breeze, FL
Alpha Solution:

The home had limited overhead access and a need for piles with a 150,000 lb. capacity. Alpha Foundations was called upon to install 5 helical pipe piles with an 8-5/8” shaft diameter and a 14” helix to support the structure. The piles were installed with a Bobcat T-300 with a modified boom which had the ability to extend up to 20’ into the building. The piles were monitored by a Marian Technologies torque tracking computer system in the machine. This provided the engineers with a graph of the soil strata which allowed for predicted pile capacities.

After the piles were installed they were grouted with a 5,000 PSI Grout. The piles have a square connection which is different than other helical pipe piles because there are no through bolts which would interfere with reinforcing steel or proper grouting. After the piles were grouted they had a beam support connection pipe attached that extended to the above floor beams. Walls were reconstructed around the pipes and no damage was visible.

It took 6 hours to install all 5 helical piles.