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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Midtown at Meridian Waterproofing – Tallahassee, FL


The owners of a first floor condominium contacted the association’s maintenance personnel reporting water in two rooms of their unit. A leak detection company noted water intrusion near the expansion joint in the slab, but they were not able to locate a slab leak.

The leak detection company recommended that maintenance personnel contact Alpha Foundations to discuss waterproofing solutions.

The Alpha Foundations inspector was able to determine that water was intruding through the block wall where two units connected. He was also able to confirm that the water was only affecting one unit of the building.

Location: Tallahassee, FL
Alpha Solution:

Over the course of two days, Alpha Foundations installed 88 square feet of CrawlSeal™ Waterproofing Membrane. CrawlSeal™ is a flexible, 60 mil thick, rubberized sheet that is specifically designed to seal concrete foundation walls. Installation begins by excavating around and cleaning the foundation wall, then a primer is used to promote maximum bond when the membrane is adhered to the wall and termination strips secure the membrane at grade level.

In addition to CrawlSeal™, Alpha Foundations installed 42 feet of a French drain system along the perimeter wall in order to carry water away from the perimeter wall.

After we completed the installation, the homeowner had a professional service dry out the affected rooms and they can now enjoy a clean, dry living space.