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Commercial Foundations Case Studies: Polos on Park Apartments – Tallahasse, FL


Alpha Foundations was contacted by the manager of Polos on Park Apartments. The apartments had a retaining wall that was adjacent to one of the buildings that was experiencing slope failure. It had caused several landscape timbers on the wall to bow outward and two to fail completely.

Location: Tallahassee, FL
Alpha Solution:

Alpha Foundations was asked to stabilize and repair the wall by returning it to its original plumb position. Alpha Foundations installed 10 helical pipe piles to repair the failed wall. Alpha Foundations first removed 2’ of soil from behind the wall so that it had the potential to be drawn in to its original plumb position. Then Alpha Foundations installed the piles on a 15 degree batter to approximately 21’ of embedment. Each pile was installed to 4,000 ft/lbs of torque which provided piles with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 36,000 pounds per pile. After the piles were installed custom tie-back adapters were attached to the wall over a new set of 2”X10” runners and over the 2 preexisting sets of runners.

The wall was then pulled back to its previous plumb position and the excess soil behind the wall was backfilled with a #57 rock for adequate percolation.