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Foundation Repair Case Studies: San Marco Commercial Property – Jacksonville, FL


A potential buyer for this commercial property in Jacksonville’s historic San Marco district contacted Alpha Foundations to inspect the building prior to purchase. The customer had previously worked with Alpha Foundations on another property, and he was able to determine that the floors of this property were not level nor did the doors close properly.

The Alpha Foundations design specialist confirmed that substantial wood rot and excess moisture caused the floors joists to sag, creating uneven floors and doors out of square.

Since the customer was in the process of purchasing this building, he was under a strict deadline to have the property inspected, receive the proposal and complete the work so that he could lease the space to a new tenant. Our specialist was able to visit the property within a few days of the customer’s call and provide an on-site repair proposal, and the installation crew completed the work in just one day.

Location: Jacksonville, FL
Alpha Solution:

The SmartJack system was chosen to repair the structure, and six SmartJacks were installed over a 30 foot span. In addition to the SmartJack system, a non-organic steel supplemental beam was also installed to distribute the joist loads to the SmartJacks. Steel beams are ideal in environments with excess moisture because they do not allow for rot or further movement due to moisture.

The SmartJack system installation begins with a solid base of engineered fill that addresses problems with weak foundation soils by effectively transferring the load to competent strata. Industrial strength, galvanized steel columns are then secured to the steel beam. A heavy-duty, threaded rod allows our crew to adjust the columns to create a custom fit.

After installation, the floors returned to a level position, all doors functioned properly and the customer received a five year adjustment warranty.