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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Single Family Residence


An existing single family residence in Miami, FL was built in 1940 on a 1,500 square foot crawlspace foundation. The foundation consisted of concrete block exterior walls and interior concrete block columns to support the single story structure. The floor system was constructed with 2x10 joists and a double 2x8 girder that was supported by the concrete block columns in the crawlspace. Over a period of several years, the homeowners began to observe cracks in drywall, uneven floors and noticeable settlement of the entire floor system. After failed attempts to remedy the problem by adding inadequate supplemental support under the floor joists, the homeowners consulted with N Square, Inc., dba Innovative Marine Construction Company, to assess the problem and recommend along-lasting solution.

Location: Miami, FL
Alpha Solution:

After determining that multiple framing members were severely distressed from age and the humid environment in the crawlspace, N Square, Inc., dba Innovative Marine Construction Company, was contracted to complete the repair. The project started by first reinforcing the double 2x8 girder by “sistering” additional pressure-treated 2x8 boards to each side. A pressure-treated 2x6 ledger board was also installed around the perimeter of the structure and was attached to the foundation walls to support the ends of the floor joists. Next, a total of twelve (12) SmartJacks™ were installed to support three new support beams that were strategically placed at locations throughout the crawl space. Finally, framing repairs were completed by “sistering” pressure-treated 2x10 joists to damaged floor joists in the crawlspace. The entire project was completed within one week, and the homeowners were thrilled with the results. Not only had the deteriorating floor system been restored, but the SmartJacks™ were able to raise the floor system two inches and back to a level position.