ExTremeBloc™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation in Florida & Georgia

The Superior Solution For Sealing & Insulating Your Home’s Crawl Space

With Florida and Georgia’s high humidity levels, crawl spaces often suffer from many issues that can make them uninviting, unsanitary, and unhealthy. Therefore, it’s no wonder many local homeowners avoid their crawl spaces altogether.

With Alpha Foundations, we offer quality crawl space insulation solutions for residents throughout our Florida and Georgia service area, including Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee, and Orlando. When you choose us, your crawl space will be nice, dry, and more energy-efficient.

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Why Insulate Your Crawl Space?

Poorly insulated crawl spaces can bring a few unpleasant consequences. These can include:

  • Poor drainage
  • Mold
  • Musty odors
  • Pest infestation

Not only would insulating your crawl space prevent these from happening, but you’d also enjoy benefits such as:

  • Heat-retaining floors for the winter
  • Maintaining a better indoor climate
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Increased moisture control
  • Improved indoor air quality

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ExTremeBloc™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation Solution

ExTremeBloc™ high-performance insulation is infused with graphite, and a radiant heat barrier is built into the foil. Using this technique, Alpha Foundations eliminates moisture and humidity intrusion into your crawl space by insulating the walls. Some of the features of ExTremeBloc™ include:

  • Upgrades crawl spaces to comply with National Energy Code
  • 24% better insulation with graphite particles
  • Radiant heat shield on the visible side
  • The closed-cell insulation does not absorb moisture like other options
  • A cost-effective option for crawl space insulation

ExTremeBloc™ is perfect for preventing mold growth, foundational rot, and musty odors.

See if ExTremeBloc™ is right for you! We’re here to answer all your questions. Reach out at (877) 322-3446 or request a free estimate online!

Why Not Fiberglass?

Crawl space ceilings commonly have fiberglass insulation. The vents in a crawl space let humid air into a house in the summer, allowing it to be cooled. As the air cools, it becomes more humid, causing condensation on the crawl space surfaces. This condensation would then saturate the fiberglass insulation in your crawl space. Moist insulation is susceptible to losing its insulation abilities, which may lead to pullout. It can also cause mold and rot.

Some utilities, such as a furnace, ductwork, and a water heater, are housed in your crawl space. With colder winters coming every year, the cold air would enter your home through crawl space vents, causing spikes in your heating bill.

Simply put, fiberglass insulation is ineffective!

Insulate your crawl space walls to keep them dry and energy-efficient with ExTremeBloc™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation. Call Alpha Foundations today at (877) 322-3446 to get started!

Crawl Space Insulation and Sealing Is Our Specialty!

Here at Alpha Foundations, we offer crawl space insulation and upgrades to improve energy efficiency and keep it free from structural damage due to mold, rot, and infestations. With our expert-engineered solutions, we also help you reduce your energy bills while keeping moisture out of your home. Alpha Foundations offers a free site assessment to determine your crawl space’s insulation needs to provide you with the best possible solution.

Contact us online or call (877) 322-3446 now to improve your crawl space with Alpha Foundations!

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