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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Naples Homeowner's Association

Monday, July 1st, 2013 by Christina Nolton


Behind several residential properties in a Naples, FL neighborhood stretches a 430 foot long retaining wall separating backyards from a nature preserve. The structure, built in 2002, is 9 inches thick, 6 feet tall, and supported by a standard shallow footing. In early 2013, the Property Manager and the landscaper noticed cracking and movement in the wall. The Homeowner’s Association wanted to address the issue before it became more serious, while also finding a solution that would prevent the use of heavy machinery in the preserve. The local residents also wanted to ensure that the solution chosen would cause minimal disturbance to the lawn and landscape.


After researching their options to repair the failing retaining wall, the Homeowner’s Association decided to hire N-Square, Inc. to install 63 Geo-Lock Wall Anchors that would not only stabilize the retaining wall, but also provide an opportunity to straighten over time. The anchors were installed by embedding heavy-duty, galvanized earth anchors deep in stable soil, 12’ inward from the retaining wall. The earth anchors were then connected to large plates on the face of the retaining wall with highstrength, galvanized steel rods. The entire project took less than a week and did not require the use of any heavy machinery. The Homeowner’s Association was relieved to have a permanent solution that didn’t cause any major disturbances to their properties and the preserve.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Forge Engineering, Inc.

Installing Contractor: N-Square, Inc.

Products Installed: (63) Geo-Lock® Wall Anchors