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Signs of Foundation Problems in Florida & Georgia

Alpha Foundations is here to solve all your foundation problems in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Miami!

Your house is only as stable as its foundation. One large fracture can send cracks and fissures all the way up your walls. Don’t panic yet, though! Foundation problems can often seem devastating, but there’s likely an easy fix if caught early enough. Our team at Alpha Foundations wants to make sure you can recognize the signs that point to foundation issues to catch them early.

With the right foundation contractors at your side, you can diagnose those sloping floors and cracking walls in no time. Alpha Foundations is adept at not only finding the source of the problem but treating it with a durable and long-lasting solution as well.

Don’t let your foundation problem get worse! Call us today for a foundation repair quote at 800-714-3020.

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Interior Signs of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can often be identified from within the comfort of your own home. To avoid having your foundation problems get too out of hand, keep an eye out for these symptoms:

Uneven or Sloping Floors

Mild floor slopes aren’t always catastrophic, particularly if you identify them early. Most older homes have a slight angle, but if they’re caused by structural defects, slopes can quickly lead to a host of other issues. The severity of the angle matters, too. A ½-inch slope won’t have a devastating effect on your comfort, but anything much larger certainly will.


Floor Cracks

If your house has settled unevenly, cracks will be the unsightly result. Your foundation could also crack due to non-structural settlement. There are several potential causes, including concrete shrinkage, curing, or bad construction. Moisture can cause cracks, too, so not all the issues in this category are hard to prevent or cure.


Interior Wall Cracks

Nobody wants to deal with cracks in their interior walls – they’re unsightly and can mess with your home décor. Past that, they could be an indicator of a foundation problem. Keep an eye out for cracks near doors and windows, as that is where walls are the weakest. The sooner you notice a crack, the sooner we can get that fixed for you.


Bowing Walls

If your interior walls are bowing inward, they could be enduring more pressure than they can manage. Water-saturated soil might be to blame. If your foundation is shifting due to drainage issues, for example, a simple drainage repair can work wonders. For larger problems, we have proven solutions to restore these walls.



Floors Sagging Over Crawl Space

Sagging is often a sign of a framing problem, but if you’re experiencing this symptom above your crawl space, it might have a simple solution. Poorly strategized posts and beams can be jacked up to their correct level.



Tight Doors and Windows

If your windows and doors are jamming, your floor might be sinking due to foundation woes. Foundation damage causes your home to settle and lower your door frames. Soil settlement can also cause bent or twisted wood framing. If you don’t repair the foundation itself, you’re inviting further problems, so it’s important to address the cause with the symptom.

Exterior Symptoms of Foundation Problems

Signs of foundation problems may not always be visible within your home, but they will show up on the exterior. If you notice any of the following, that’s a strong indication that something is wrong with your foundation:

Chimney Tilt

If your chimney isn’t as straight as it once was, you don’t need to demolish it entirely. A leaning chimney is often caused by oversaturated soil or drift, so let our team restore and stabilize your chimney to prevent further problems.



Exterior Wall Cracks

Outdoor wall problems are often symptomatic of a structural failure, but they can also be purely cosmetic. If your cracks are too large to be cured with a simple layer of filler and paint, you could have a foundation problem on your hands. We’ll assess the cause via the location and shape of the crack, then set to work on a permanent cure.

Street Creep

Sidewalks and roads can expand and place pressure on your foundation, but the problem is easier to fix than you might think by relieving that pressure and repair the problems it’s caused.







Expert Foundation Repair Contractors

Alpha Foundations offers warranty-protected solutions to all foundation problems, big and small. We understand that a lasting repair relies on an accurate diagnosis. That’s why we start every contract with a comprehensive inspection.

We never want your budget to be an obstacle to getting your foundation fixed, so that’s why we offer financing options and free quotes on all of our jobs. If you live in our Florida and Georgia service areas, ask us for your free foundation repair quote. We also serve Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, and surrounding regions.

Call us to make an appointment or request a free estimate at 800-714-3020.

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