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Bowing & Buckling Foundation Wall Repair in Florida & Georgia

Wall anchors can repair many bowing wall problems, including those that cause cracks, inward bulging, and sliding.

As dirt and soil shift and change over time, the foundation walls of your home can start to bow and buckle inward due to the hydrostatic pressure and expansive soil. If you notice bowing, buckling, or any inward structural damage to your foundation wall, immediate repair is necessary to avoid worsening problems. As soon as you notice any of these problems, call on Alpha Foundations for superior foundation solutions.

Contact us to get a free estimate by calling 800-714-3020! We handle all types of foundation repair problems in Orlando, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Miami, and the nearby areas.

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What Causes Cracked and Bowing Foundation Walls

These two clay samples started the same in size, weight, and composition. The sample on the right was allowed to dry out, while the one on the left was kept moist.

The soil and clay surrounding your home put a tremendous amount of pressure on the foundation walls. Precipitation and moisture cause that soil and clay to swell and expand, putting excess pressure on the foundation walls of your home. This pressure, along with several factors, cause damage to the foundation walls.

Some of the other factors include:

  • The type of soil around the foundation
  • The amount of moisture in the soil
  • How deep underground the foundation is
  • The temperature

The foundation walls of your home are the only barrier keeping all that soil outside. Hydrostatic pressure, expansive soil, and frost can exert enough force and pressure on your walls to cause them to bow, crack, lean, and even completely collapse. Gutters, downspouts, and roof runoff not directed away from the foundation can cause the soil to collect excess water and become heavy as it swells.

Prevent your walls from irreparable damage with our foundation repair services. For a free quote, contact us online now or call us at 800-714-3020!

Signs of Bowing Foundation Walls

Expansive soil and hydrostatic pressure are the primary causes of your foundation walls’ inward bowing and buckling. However, structural damage to the foundation wall may be caused by other factors, including a change or shift in the foundation settlement.

Some of the signs to look for include:

  • Horizontal or stair-step cracking along the foundation walls
  • Diagonal cracking at corners of poured concrete foundation walls
  • Inward bowing or bulging 
  • Walls sliding inwards toward the bottom 
  • Walls leaning inward at the top
  • Expansive clay soil around the structure

Schedule your inspection with us as soon as you notice any of these signs. Contact us online or call us at 800-714-3020 to speak with an expert today! 

How Can We Fix It?

Our team at Alpha Foundations will install our GeoLock™ Wall Anchors along the bowing walls. The clamping pressure of this system allows us to stabilize and restore your foundation wall. If insufficient spacing prohibits the use of the wall anchor installation system, we recommend installing the PowerBrace™ Wall System or CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System.

We’ll place soil anchors attached to steel rods in the ground around your home. The steel rods can extend through the foundation wall and distribute clamping pressure. Once we tighten the nuts on the threaded ends of the rods, the wall will be stabilized, giving you a permanent solution to your foundation problem.

Contact us online today to ask about our financing options, or speak with a member of our team by calling 800-714-3020.

Installing Foundation Wall Anchors

Installing our GeoLock™ Wall Anchor System to stabilize the failing foundation walls involves the following six steps:

1. Digging Holes For the Earth Anchors

Before installing wall anchors, we must first determine which locations they would be most effective in. Once we begin the earth anchor installation, sod is carefully removed from your lawn and placed aside for later. To help protect your lawn and landscaping, a sheet is laid down. Once we’ve finished preparation, the earth anchor hole is made using a power auger.

2. Preparing the Foundation Wall

Then, we will core a small hole through your basement wall and insert a steel anchor rod through another hole in the center of the anchor. One advantage of our system is that the required hole is much smaller in size than with other methods.

3. Attaching The Earth Anchor

After securing the anchors, we then bury these assemblies with the previously removed soil.

4. Mounting The Wall Plate

After installing the earth anchors, our experts will mount a wall plate over them, securing them with screwed-on large nuts. Additionally, we can install our Hide-A-Way® Wall Anchor Covers, which are a great option to help you conceal your wall anchor access points.

5. Restoring The Landscaping

As part of our cleanup process, our foundation experts fill holes and tamp-filled areas to ensure there are no depressed areas made as the soil settles. We also make sure to blend replacement sod for a seamless landscaping restoration, so your home looks as good as it did when we got there.

6. Tightening Wall Anchors

With this system, your walls can actually straighten with time. We offer wall tightening maintenance so your walls can go back to being in peak condition.

When you choose Alpha Foundations, you know you’re receiving the best foundation repair and customer service. Each of the GeoLock™ Earth Anchors we install includes a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as our own in-house quality and performance warranty.

Why Choose Alpha Foundations

At Alpha Foundations, we’re proud to provide warrantied solutions that will permanently solve issues with bowing, buckling foundation walls. We provide free, no-obligation foundation wall repair estimates to homeowners throughout our Florida and Georgia service area. Each estimate is made in person, on-site, and is presented in writing.

Our service area includes Orlando, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Miami, Valdosta, Fort Lauderdale, Saint Augustine, Hialeah, Port Saint Lucie, and the surrounding areas. Get your free estimate or contact us online today!

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