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a retaining wall installed in OrlandoRetaining walls are commonly used to stop soil or other material from becoming displaced. This makes them perfect for roadways, basements, parking lots, and bodies of water. Because their function is to withstand constant pressure, retaining walls are usually made of concrete, stone, wood, vinyl, masonry, steel, or brick. Naturally, all this pressure can cause retaining walls to tilt, separate from adjoining walls, buckle, or crack over time. At Alpha Foundations, our team of experts is highly trained to inspect and identify the cause of your retaining wall problems and provide just the right solution to restore it back to peak condition. 

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Signs of Retaining Wall Failure

The signs of a retaining wall that’s starting to fail can usually be obvious even to the untrained eye, but it’s still important to know which of these symptoms can become worse if left unattended. Without proper repairs, you could experience a complete downfall of your retaining wall. These are the three main signs to watch out for:

  • Crumbling/failing retaining walls: Improper design is the main culprit for this warning sign. Too much weight on weak cement, or cement with weak steel rebar, is very likely to crumble over time.
  • Collapsing/tilting retaining walls: This is usually caused by poor construction or soil-related problems. This will happen if the wall is experiencing wood rot or deterioration, isn’t reinforced properly, or from additional weight from accumulated water.
  • Retaining walls separating from adjacent walls: Similar to collapsing/tilting retaining walls, this issue is also usually caused by poor construction, lack of proper reinforcement, poor drainage, and, to a lesser degree, soil issues.

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Repairing Retaining Walls

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(Left) A helical anchor system uses helix-shaped plates connected to the anchor shaft to pull the anchor deep into the soil.

(Right) Our wall anchor system involves a fixed-positioned earth anchor that utilizes the clamping pressure from an anchor rod.

Alpha Foundations recommends either a wall anchor system or a helical anchor system using helical tiebacks to restore your retaining wall’s integrity. Both techniques use a strong steel bracket to properly distribute the clamping pressure of the anchor.

Our wall anchor system installation process:

  • First, we push an anchor rod through 1-inch holes that were previously made into the retaining wall.
  • Then, we connect them to earth anchors that were placed holes in the soil past the starting point of the retaining wall.
  • Finally, we install the wall plate and tighten the rod assembly.

Our helical anchor system installation process:

  • We first install helical anchors in the exposed side of the retaining wall through a drilled hole.
  • Helical blades then pull the anchors deep into the soil and secure them.
  • Finally, we close the hole in the retaining wall, install a wall plate, and tighten a nut over the exposed part of the rod.

In terms of finances, wall anchors have proven to be more cost-effective, though it may not always be an option depending on several factors. Our highly trained repair specialists are equipped to guide and advise you on the best possible solution for your retaining wall repair project.

See which anchor system is right for you by speaking with one of our experts at Alpha Foundations. Call today at 800-714-3020 or schedule an inspection.

Let Alpha Foundations Repair Your Retaining Wall!

At Alpha Foundations, we provide warrantied solutions for retaining wall repair throughout Florida and Georgia. If you have any questions about the costs of repairing your retaining wall, we offer free retaining wall repair quotes at no obligation. We ensure reliable and affordable services to guarantee a seamless customer experience. Hear what others have to say about working with Alpha Foundations to learn why we’re the best in the business.

Get your retaining wall repair done right the first time with our highly trained contractors in the Florida and Georgia areas today! Call Alpha Foundations at 800-714-3020 or contact us online now!

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