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Sinking or Uneven Floor Repairs in Florida & Georgia

Foundation Problems Can Cause Floors to Sink and Become Uneven

Sinking floors are more than an unsightly annoyance. They can cause doors to jam, drywall to crack, and create conditions that make it easy for mold to proliferate throughout the home. In addition to jamming doors, common signs of an unlevel floor include sagging towards the center of the house and cracks in the floor. If your crawl space and the floors it supports are out of level, this structural problem is one you want to take care of as soon as possible. The longer it’s left unaddressed, the more damage it can cause. 

At Alpha Foundations, we can install crawl space jacks to resolve the structural problems damaging your home. Settlement and foundation heaving are frequently responsible for unlevel floors in Florida and Georgia. When this is the cause, we can install foundation piers. This process stabilizes the foundation and prevents further damage.

At Alpha Foundations, we’ll resolve your foundation problems that are causing uneven, sinking floors! Call our foundation specialists at 800-714-3020 to request a free estimate for our foundation repair services.


Causes & Solutions for Uneven Floors in Florida & Georgia

It is unusual for floor problems to be caused by the actual floor itself. Usually, uneven floors are caused by settling or shifting foundations that radiate into the flooring system. Flooring systems are typically made of wood beams and joists. These will bend and flex rather than crack and break. 

The following are common causes of uneven floors that we see in Florida and Georgia, and the solutions we apply for each:

Floors Above Crawl Spaces

 Repair uneven floors with crawl space supports

In most homes, the perimeter walls of the crawl space provide support for the floor joists, which are connected via a post, or column-and-beam framework extending from the center of the crawl space. When this center support system settles of sags, the framework it’s connected to sags with it.

In Florida and Georgia, the center post-and-beam support system can weaken and settle when moisture in a dirt-floored crawl space causes wood supports to rot and subsequently begin to collapse. As it does, it will cause the floor above to sag.

We Solve Sagging Floors!

At Alpha Foundations, we solve structural issues using the SmartJack® system. This heavy-duty solution offers several great features ideally suited for regional soil conditions, including:

  • Base composed of engineered fill
  • Precast concrete base
  • Steel posts to stabilize and support the beam
  • Easily adjusted today, tomorrow, and decades into the future

The SmartJack® system allows our team to push a sagging floor back into its original, perfectly level position. While it usually takes just a day to install these crawl space jacks, we guarantee that our warrantied system will effectively stabilize your crawl space well into the future!


Causes of Settling & Sinking Concrete Floors

Masonry is prone to cracking and breaking as the soil beneath shrinks, starts to settle, or gets washed away. These can cause the foundation to settle. Conversely, cracking can occur when the soils expand, resulting in heaving as the concrete slab lifts up and out of position. Further, when your foundation settles, it may lift the concrete floor as the rest of the foundation moves. In some instances, your slab floor can lift/sink independently of any wall movement.

We Solve Settling, Sinking Floors!

We install a slab pier system to slab floors that are sinking independently of the walls. We place these in cored holes drilled into the floor and down into competent soils. These hold the floor firmly in position and can be used to lift a slab back to its original level position.

If the floor is cracked and uneven because of foundation settlement, your contractor will suggest using push piers or helical piers to stabilize the foundation. Once installed, a significant benefit of push and helical piers is that we can often use them to lift the foundation to its original position.


Alpha Foundations is Your Local Foundation Contractor in Florida & Georgia!

We know how frustrating and annoying sinking, sagging floors can be for homeowners throughout our Florida and Georgia service area. That’s why we work hard to apply effective, reliable, and most importantly, permanent repair solutions. You can depend on our foundation experts to find the best solution for your home. 

It is our pleasure to provide a foundation repair quote that identifies the precise cause and best solution for your needs. Our no-obligation quote details the problem, solution, and estimated time it will take to complete the repairs. 

Call us at 800-714-3020 to schedule foundation repairs for your uneven floors!


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