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Foundation Wall Crack Repair in Florida & Georgia

Have Your Walls Looking Good as New with Alpha Foundations!

With the constant humidity and precipitation in the Southeast, cracks in your wall are bound to appear at some point. And while some cracks may seem harmless, the minute you notice them in your walls, you should act quickly. Most wall repairs do not require the wall to be rebuilt from the ground up, but that may change if a crack is left unattended for a long period of time. Alpha Foundations provides you with the right solutions to repair cracked walls and the foundation problems that cause them.

For professional wall crack repair services, choose Alpha Foundations. Call now at 800-714-3020 or contact us online today!

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Different Types of Foundation Wall Cracks

From a simple cosmetic issue to a substantial structural issue, wall cracks can be minor or a symptom of a larger foundation problem. In all cases, serious foundation problems are fixable if found early and addressed.

There are three main types of foundation wall cracks:

Vertical Cracks

These are caused by soil settlement. Settling soils puts on more pressure on the foundational wall which eventually leads to cracking. These walls typically emit water and therefore need immediate attention.

Horizontal Cracks

These are due to heavy soil pressure against the wall from the outside. This eventually causes walls to bend and even cave in. Horizontal cracks need immediate attention.

Stair Step Cracks

This is common for concrete walls that use a block-by-block system instead of being one uniformed unit of wall. Cracking happens at the mortar joints between the blocks, creating a stair-step-like pattern.

Unsure which foundation wall issue you’re experiencing? Schedule a free on-site inspection with Alpha Foundations and call 800-714-3020 today!

Repairing Foundation Wall Cracks with Our Pier Systems

No matter what kind of soil problem is affecting your foundation, Alpha Foundations has a way to fix it. Foundation push piers are the best solution for large and heavy structures where the soil below them lacks the capacity to support their weight. Alpha Foundations offers an array of pier system options to suit your problem:

Push Piers

Push piers are composed of straight steel piers that are connected by steel brackets to the foundation. To install a push pier system, the foundation footings must first be exposed. After that, a steel bracket is used to support the footing. A series of interlocking steel sections are then driven downwards via the bracket, using hydraulics. In the end, the weight of the home is transferred to the stable soil layer through the pier system, ensuring the home or office building is fully supported.

If installed correctly, the foundation push pier system will permanently fix foundation settlement problems. Once the installation is done, the contractor will level the foundation, repairing cracks and enhancing the aesthetics of your home or office building.

Helical Piers

The helical piers can support heavy and light structures, such as stoops, decks, and wing walls, without relying on their weight to advance. These piers are constructed of heavy-duty steel and attach to your foundation via a steel bracket. When the shaft is inserted into the ground, the first section of the pier is fitted with one or more bearing plates (or helical blades). Adding to the pier are longer sections without bearing plates.

Installing helical piers requires mechanical advancement (or “screwing”). After proper footing depths are reached, each pier is tethered to a steel foundation bracket beneath and against the footing.

Slab Piers

Slab piers are appropriate when concrete slabs settle due to compacted soils below that cannot support their weight. The slab pier supports the structure from underneath with a bracket, which is made of heavy-duty steel. There are push- and helical-type slab pier systems. Choosing the right type of foundation depends on both the site conditions and the contractor’s preference.

In addition to being simple to install, either type of slab pier can be installed by only using small tools in a tight area. The installation requirements of slab piers vary depending on the type being installed in your building. A slab pier system can be installed year-round, quickly, and with low disruption to your building and can be completed without extensive excavation.

Wall Anchor Systems

Foundation wall anchors are another way to anchor and brace your building’s foundation wall to strong, hard-packed soil. Through this method, you can prevent the foundation walls from moving inward permanently – or you can allow them to move backward instead.

The use of foundation wall anchors to stabilize and straighten foundation walls has been successfully carried out since the 1970s. Residential and commercial structures have benefited from this repair system. According to a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Chief Appraiser in 1992, wall anchor systems were most effective for stabilizing bowing foundation walls. FHA, HUD, home inspectors, and engineers all recommend the wall anchor system.

At Alpha Foundations, we use the GeoLock™ Wall Anchor System to anchor and brace your walls. The GeoLock™ Wall Anchor System is an effective solution that reduces the risk of foundation wall buckling due to expansive soil pressure. Anchors act as a counterpressure against soil beyond failing foundation walls. The temporary platform provides your contractor with the ability to gradually straighten the walls in their original position while holding the walls in place.

For this solution to work, you must have access to the soil outside your foundation walls. Our PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System is an effective option when external access is restricted or not feasible.

Let our experts help choose the right solution for you and call 800-714-3020! You can also request your free estimate online.

Get Crack-Free Walls with Alpha Foundations!

At Alpha Foundations, our in-house foundation experts can assist with a wide range of foundation problems. Each day, we repair foundations all across Florida and Georgia. Let our foundation wall repair experts help you choose the right repair solution for your home with a free, no-obligation quote. We also offer on-site inspections!

Reach out to us online today for a free quote! Call Alpha Foundations at 800-714-3020 now to get started on repairing your cracked walls.

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