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EP #1: Welcome to the Alpha Foundations Podcast


Charlie (00:00): Welcome to the Alpha Foundations podcast, protecting you since 2002. Here’s your host, Brent Pearson. Hi there. This is Charlie McDermott producer of the Alpha Foundations podcast. And I am with Brent Pearson. Brent is the sales manager at Alpha Foundations. Brent, how are you doing?

Brent (00:19): I’m well Charlie, how are you doing today?

Charlie (00:19): I’m doing great. Brent, and you know, I know some of the listeners are going podcast for Alpha Foundations. One. I know they’re saying how cool is that? But then they’re also saying, huh, why a podcast? So, I do want to ask you that question, but before we get to that, tell us Brent a little bit about your background, your role with the company.

Brent (00:43): Yeah, thanks, Charlie. My role, I am a senior sales manager here at Alpha Foundations and basically my day-to-day is training up-and-coming design techs who will eventually go into people’s homes. Tell them exactly how they got into this mess, how we fix it, the price they’ll know what everything on the time of visit and arrival. So just basically helping design techs, fulfill the role of consultant advisor with the customer, tell them what’s going on and how to manage their day-to-day.

Charlie (01:13): Wow. Well, I mean, that’s got it. I’ve never been through that, but it’s got to be like, you know, one of those moments in life that you just like one, you don’t foresee that. Right? So the homeowner is just probably kind of lost and so nice to have that guidance there, right? Yeah.

Brent (01:32): Absolutely. I mean, they’re kind of struggling to find out exactly where to get the information from. There’s so much stuff out there online on YouTube about why they’re experiencing some of these issues. And they’re not really quite sure where to turn. So our design techs that go out there and visit their home council, them on making good decisions about how to protect, you know, basically one of their biggest assets there, can help relieve anxiety and things like that really puts the customer at ease. And, they’re really appreciative of that. Yeah.

Charlie (02:03): Yeah. That’s a really good point. It must be very, very, anxious when you, you know, I think we, as humans, we’re wired to, to think the worst and yeah. Yeah. Awesome. So let’s get to the topic of why a podcast, why, you know, what was it that motivated you guys? Why a podcast for Alpha Foundations?

Brent (02:24): Well, just kind of, as we were mentioned that, you know, most people have no idea how they get in this mess, what’s going on, whether it’s the inside of their home, outside the driveway, where they spend a lot of time, and just kind of clear up some misconceptions about what’s going on with the house. Is it supposed to have those kinds of issues or is it something that you’re just supposed to deal with or, are there better ways to go about it? So if we can help educate some people and maybe put their minds at ease or let them understand that these aren’t common things that you’re supposed to live with, you’re supposed to have them fixed up along the, of your house there. I mean, it’s okay to be confused about those and we’d like to hold your hand and kind of help them get through those things.

Charlie (03:05): Yeah. Yeah. And I would imagine you probably get homeowners that contact you guys about issues that maybe aren’t such a big deal is that yeah.

Brent (03:16): We’ll walk them through that. If it’s a concern to them, it’s a concern to us. So we will walk them through that and kind of how they got there and what’s acceptable and what’s not. And I mean, ultimately it’s their decision, it’s their house, their project. We would just help consult them and advise them on the best way to take care of those issues.

Charlie (03:34): And I guess of course the other side of that is ignoring an issue that could, I guess only not could, I guess, does it just get worse and worse over time?

Brent (03:44): Yeah. Your right Charlie these issues don’t fix themselves. They typically just get worse over time and more expensive to fix. So if you can catch it early, that’s great. If not, I mean, if the, if the worst is there right there in front of you, we can still help you there. So it’s definitely, always good to pick up the phone and call us and get in touch with one of our design techs to help them out.

Charlie (04:06): Yeah. Yeah. Well, terrific. Well, Brent, how about for future episodes? You have, have you guys talked much about what you want to do, who you’re going to bring on? What, what do you have In mind?

Brent (04:18): Yeah, we’ve been kicking that around. We’d like to actually have some customers who have experienced, a design tech out their house and have them either fix the house or didn’t. And like you said, if it’s worth fixing or not, generally it is, we’re kicking around that and maybe discussing some products and what you can look for signs of, homes that have experienced in settlement, some of the do’s and don’ts, and, kind of explore those avenues as well.

Charlie (04:44):Terrific. Well, Brent, I’m looking forward to this, you know, I’ve got a few as I look around cracks here and there, so it might be tapping your Intel, you’re giving off some good advice here, but I know speaking of questions, you guys have an awesome Facebook page and, and, you know, besides the fact that you’re helping folks on the phone and all that, what do you think about opening up your social media or other places for questions and, kind of helping your listeners that might have a, Hey, Brent, should this be an issue or that you could talk about on a podcast episode? What do you think of that? I know I’m throwing this onto here.

Brent (05:33): No, that’s okay. Yeah, we’re always open to those kinds of things. Kind of, anyway that we could communicate with the customer even more than what we’re doing now will be super helpful. And maybe they can explore some, some ways of talking to us that we haven’t gone down that path yet. So we’re always open to that. I think that’d be great. Yeah.

Charlie (05:53): Yeah. Well, super. So would the Facebook page be the best place for them to leave questions about the show?

Brent (05:59): Yeah, that’d be actually really nice if they could do so. Okay.

Charlie (06:03): Super, super nice. And I know you guys are going to post this on, on your website and or Facebook page. What’s the, do you mind giving the URL? Is it just, I guess, get on Facebook and have them search for Alpha Foundations.

Brent (06:18): Yeah. If you can search for Alpha Foundations. We’re pretty easy to find there. And we generally get back to everybody, super fast. We’re really big on communication. That’s one of the things that sets us apart from other contractors. I know a lot of contractors are on the up and up and, and things like that, but I think we’re top latch when it comes to communication. That’s kind of what separates us.

Charlie (06:37): Yeah. Which is so, so important, especially in this crazy market. And I know you guys are in both Georgia and cover the whole Florida area, but Southwest Florida at work, it’s, it’s booming here. So yeah. Yeah. So, you know, having that open communication and timely communication is so, so important. And that’s what I love about you guys. So excited. Congratulations, episode number one is, is so, so close to being finished here. All we need is a final, goodbye. And we’ll move on to the second one. So a pleasure having you on the, the episode here and looking forward to future episodes.

Brent (07:22): Absolutely. Thank you so much, Charlie. It’s been a pleasure.

Charlie (07:26): Thanks for listening to the Alpha Foundation’s podcast to learn more about alpha foundations, go to www.alphafoundations.com or call 8 6 6 3 7 8 7 2 1 1.

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