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EP #3: Concrete Repair


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Welcome to the Alpha Foundations podcast, protecting you since 2002. Here’s your host, Brent Pearson. Hey, this is Charlie McDermott producer of the Alpha Foundation’s podcast. I’m back in the Alpha Foundations studio and I am here with Brent. Brent, how you doing ?

Brent (00:16):

I am well Charlie? How are you today?

Charlie (00:18):

I’m doing great. And Brent, one I love what you guys shared in the last episode about, you know, the, what was it, the 10 warning signs, and you know, I would love to maybe explore that a little further with some of the things that you guys are do. How, how does that sound?

Brent (00:35):

That sounds great. We can do that.

Charlie (00:36):

I hate to just throw this on you in a moment’s notice, but I know you, you you’re the know all be all guy, so I figured you can handle it.

Brent (00:43):

Yeah, it’ll be fine. What do you have for me?

Charlie (00:46):

So following up from the last episode, let’s, let’s talk about what you guys are doing from a, you know, what the warning signs, whether it be a homeowner dealing with crack foundations, I know you’re also, you provide some real helpful resources when it comes to concrete repair, correct?

Brent (01:04):

Correct. Yeah. We can help a whole or with a multitude of situations, but one of our biggest products, one of the biggest, you know, phone calls we get to the office is that they have a concrete issue. They’re not sure what to do about it. So let’s say a driveway pool, deck walkway, any of those kinds of issues can sink and settle due to a multitude of reasons. But those are usually three main reasons which is poor compaction, wash out, dry out of the soil. It’s not so much that the contractor poured the driveway wrong. It’s, mainly everything we deal with as a soil condition. So let’s just say you’re in your driveway shooting hoops with your son. And then all of a sudden, you know, there’s just a big crack in the driveway. You can’t dribble the ball correctly. So you, you don’t know what to do. You think your only option is a rip it out report, but what you would have is a brand new section of driveway that does not match everything else, and that can be unsightly. So you see us on Facebook or you hear a friend about it and maybe a neighbor and you give us a call and one of our design techs are out there, show you how we can lift and level the concrete without replacement, and really address those three reasons why your concrete failed to begin with. So you don’t have to deal with this in the future. And we can also show you how we can protect the rest of the driveway walkway, from getting to that spot as well. So here’s a really simple product, a process it’s not invasive at all. And that’s our system called poly level where we would drill like a small pea size hole in your concrete lift and level the sections that need to be addressed, seal those cracks and joints up to stop water from eroding more soil, which kind of got you into that best in the first place and be in and out your hair relatively quick without the total replacement of your driveway or sections of driveway, which we can be unsightly.

Charlie (02:55):

Wow. Well, And you’ve raised a good point. You know, it’s, it’s probably not necessarily the first crack, but you know, as a homeowner, I would be thinking about, okay, you know, when’s the next one coming and the next one, right?

Brent (03:09):

You know, home ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. A lot of preventative maintenance measures need to be taken. So sometimes it might not crack. You just have whole sections or panels that decided to sink, which could be a safety issue. You know, everybody’s suing over any little thing these days. So if you have a trip hazard waiting to happen, you have a lawsuit waiting to happen. So some customers will call us and say, hey, we’ve completely roped off the walkway. So you have to go in through the garage or go around the side of the house. And that’s just inconvenience, raises their anxiety level, just waiting for someone to get hurt. So we can go ahead and put it into that. Doesn’t take very long at all. And after we install the product, they can enjoy their walkway or their driveway pool deck within 15 minutes. So there is no real downtime, especially in the Florida. I know you’re down south. There’s probably a lot of pools down there and no one wants to take away from the swim time and the kids having fun.

New Speaker (04:01):

Wow. Well, that’s great. And then also, because we’re down here in Southwest Florida, I mean, we certainly have our share of older folks who are very active and, but maybe I’m not the type that want to trip and fall and spend time in the emergency room. Right. So, you know, it’s, it’s not only, I guess from a preventative standpoint and taking care of it so that, you know, we don’t have multiple cracks to deal with down the road, but also from a safety standpoint. So do you do a lot of like sidewalks as well? Is that part of it?

Brent (04:33):

A lot of sidewalks? I’d say the main ones we mainly deal with or pool decks and driveways, but sidewalks are a big issues, especially with tripping falls. And we can also do front porches back porches, even the interior of your home. If you have a slab, as long as you have a typical slab, which is a four-inch for if it’s at least four inches of, of a driveway or pour there, we can handle it.

Charlie (05:00):

Wow. Super, super well. That’s great to know. I love what you guys do because I I’m always learning. And, you know, I’ve always seen these cracks and, and thought, you know, I, I come from up north and in again, as a, as a home owner, when you see those cracks, you have to worry about winter time and the water getting in there. And then the freeze comes and then those cracks get bigger and bigger and bigger. And I still have that fear down here, even though I know that the frost isn’t an issue, but like you said, the soil is always moving. With the kind of rain we get, it’s not going to fix itself.

Brent (05:39):

Right. That’s exactly right. Yeah. So the rain is a big factor. When we talk about a soil issue, the rain is prone to wash out. So underneath your slabs, really not giving it any support or stability there. So once you remove the soil, the slab can’t hold itself up, it starts to go. And then that’s where you’re trip hazards. That’s when you start seeing your cracks and it’s best to get out in front of this and address it early, become four, just comes, you know, rebel, once it goes too far, then we have no other choice, but to replace it. So if you’re seeing some signs, it’s best to go out here and fix it, fix it permanently, all our products come with a longterm or lifetime warranty. So you can feel good about that. But you know, it doesn’t take very long to fix this problem correctly the first time and be done with it. Go ahead and put it aside.

Charlie (06:24):

Wow. That’s great. Brent. So anybody who has crack when they want to get ahold of you guys, should they ask for you? Do you have a, a specialty like poly level, a team member there, or how would that work? What’s the best way?

Brent (06:39):

They can find us on our website at alphafoundations.com and they just book an appointment there, call the office, set up an appointment and the design tech would go out there and the date of appointment, they can tell us, you know, tell you how this happened, how we fix it, the price have it installed, or have good on the installation date, thatt day is very fast moving process. We take care of you really fast. And the, the, the foreman that’s going to go out for your, him and his team are product specific. So they do this literally every day, all day, more than anybody in the country. So they know exactly what’s going on, how to fix it at the best price.

Charlie (07:13):

Terrific. Well, Brent, once again, wealth of information. Can’t wait until the next episode you keep doing what you’re doing there. Thanks

Charlie (07:20):

For listening to the Alpha Foundations podcast. To learn more about alpha foundations, go to www.alphafoundations.com or call 8 6 6 3 7 8 7 2 1 1.

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