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EP #4: Cost of Foundation Repair


Charlie (00:00):

Welcome to the Alpha Foundations podcast, protecting you since 2002. Here’s your host, Brent Pearson.

Brent (00:08):

Hey guys. Welcome back to the Alpha Foundation podcasts. I am Brent Pearson, your senior sales manager. We are here in beautiful Monticello, Florida at the home of the podcast. And we’ve got a special guest today, all the way from Naples, Florida, Mr. James Springer. James, how are we doing today, my man?

James  (00:24):

I’m doing great, man. All the way down in Naples. Loving life.

Brent (00:26):

Actually, how’s the weather. Is it better than what we got up here in God’s country?

James  (00:31):

Well, not today, actually. It’s pretty, it’s pretty dreary today, but you know, but then give it a 15 minutes in Southwest Florida.

Brent (00:38):

I got ya. Well, it’s sunny and 75 here and that’s a complete lie. It is a hundred, probably a hundred percent humidity. So, thanks for joining us on the show here. What I’d like to do is just ask you some questions. Number one. What are the most questions that you get? I know you’re a design tech and Naples. You see a ton of houses, off the top of your head. How many houses do you think you’re going to see this year?

James  (00:58):

Probably close to 300.

Brent (01:01):

Gotcha. Yeah, so we probably have close to 70 design techs all over South Georgia and North Florida, Central Florida, South Florida. They’re all going to see 350 to 400 houses a year. So tell us, what do you feel is one of the most common questions you get asked each and every day from the homeowners that you see?

James  (01:18):

You know, probably the main question, you know, aside from the safety of the home is cost. You know, how much is it going to cost to fix this? That’s, you know, the initial question that we tend to get.

Brent (01:29):

Gotcha. So is that something that the homeowners have a ballpark idea about or are they just hoping that you’ll give them the answer right there? Or what does that kind of look like?

James  (01:38):

Well, I mean, a lot of the times they’re, they’re hoping for a ballpark figure, but you know, of course, we need to get our hands on the problem before we actually can give a price. You know, we need to assess the situation properly before we start throwing numbers out there.

Brent (01:54):

Yeah, because I remember when I ran appointments, customers would say, Hey, on YouTube, I found out that this is how much it costs. Now, I’m not sure exactly what they Googled to get that, to get on YouTube there. But what would you say the average cost of a project for foundation repair? What does that look like?

James  (02:08):

I mean, that’s a good question, essentially. It all comes down to, you know, the individualized problem, you know, is it a small crack in their driveway or is there mold or humidity in the crawl space? Or is it a large section of their home? That’s, you know, sinking, you know, all of these factors drastically impact, you know, how much a project is going to cost.

Brent (02:31):

Sure. So I know you see a bunch of houses. Is this just based on experience or how do you determine how much it’s going to be?

James  (02:37):

Yeah, I mean, we first, like I said, we first of course, need to see the problem. Uou know, this is of course done by a free estimate where design tech like myself will come out, we’ll review the area of concern, and then we’ll learn a little bit more about how long it’s been going on. You know, we’ll take the measurements, the elevations. And then of course we use those measurements, elevations to create, you know, a personalized proposal based on their needs and their wants and their why, why we’re out there to begin with.

Brent (03:09):

Gotcha. Is there, you know, you talked about, you know, you’ve got to see it first, take the elevations. What is the elevations look like? Is that, some kind of tool you have or what are we looking like?

James  (03:20):

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Alpha supplies us with the best tools in the industry. A lot of the times we use zip level, which is envision altimeter it measures, your floor down to a 10th of an inch. It’s, it’s pretty scientific and that’s a little over my head, but I do know that it is accurate. And, you know, that’s just one of the many tools that we use.

Brent (03:42):

Nice. Okay. So you’re going to give me, the cost, if I’m a homeowner, I’m going to give you a cost there. Is that the day of appointment or is that something you typically email back to me? Or what does that look like?

James  (03:53):

So the great thing about us is, you know, once we get there that day and you’re going to have everything you need to make the best educated decision right there on the spot, we’re going to give you a proposal. We’re going to actually print out a physical copy for you. So you will have everything you need to make the best decision while I’m there. There is no guesswork.

Brent (04:13):

Nice. So is there any flexibility in the solution? Can I do some of the work or walk me through what that looks like?

James  (04:19):

The great part about our solutions are, is that we provide you with about three solutions, you know, one is why you called us out there. That’s your biggest concern, right? Number two is, you know, we could have seen something that you perhaps may have missed and we just picked it up. And so we can show you other ways that we protect your home. And then, you know, we always give you a third option to fully secure your home and protect that investment.

Brent (04:47):

Okay. So if I’m a homeowner, yeah. I could definitely notice a huge crack in the wall or my door is not shutting properly, but you’re saying there’s some cases where, homeowners might miss some things. They’re not exactly sure what to look at and you can help them identify some of those problems as well.

James  (05:03):

Absolutely. So when we get out there, number one, we’re going to definitely address the concern that you called us about, but number two, I’m also going to do a thorough inspection of the house, the driveway, the pool deck. And I mean, since it’s a free estimate, I might as well, right? So, we go around the entire house, we do a thorough inspection. We point out anything that maybe you have missed or didn’t even think about, and we just bring that to your attention. And we include that into your other options.

Brent (05:30):

What if I don’t want that? What if I say, James, I’m not worried about the pool deck? Is that something you still address or what do you do when that comes up?

James  (05:38):

I mean, absolutely. So, you know, if you don’t want that, of course we understand that, but since we’re here, we’re going to give you that free estimate. We’re going to show you what it would take to fix it. Just so you know, for the future too.

Brent (05:51):

Okay. So we talked about the average cost. All just depends on what’s going on, the significance of the settlement or the issues at hand here, am I expected to stroke a check or are there ways that we can get around that? What does that look?

James  (06:05):

Well, number one, we want our solution to be, you know, accessible for everyone. So making sure each of our customers is able to address their foundation problems is critical. So, as a result, we do offer payment options, to help make the process more affordable for everyone. So it’s not an outreach for everyone. Yeah.

Brent (06:28):

I gotcha. Is that something you can help them with or is that, are you sending me to a website or what does that like?

James  (06:33):

Yeah, no, I can definitely help you, right there on site. So essentially we are a one-stop shop once I arrive at your home, I can do everything with you right there, and I can square everything away before I leave that day.

Brent (06:47):

Okay, because I know some customers think that, you know, they got to go see their, their banker or their finance institution and maybe do like a heloc or some kind of home equity line of credit to pay for those things. So the fact that you can walk them through that process, hold their hand, show them several good options to fix their home, as well as how to pay for it. That’s got to relieve some anxiety that the homeowners have.

James  (07:09):

100%. Yeah. We definitely are confident in our process and, you know, our payment options that we do have with the people we have in place. So, we have no problems walking them through that process if need be.

Brent (07:27):

Okay. So, you know, we lift and level homes that could be a sunken slabs on the driveway pool, deck walkway, down in South Florida. Do you see any crawl spaces or is it mainly slab on grade? Do you have a preference, a favorite or, cause I got that question asked a lot. What do you prefer? A crawlspace or a slab?

James  (07:46):

Oh, well, you know, I guess it depends on the crawlspace, but, no, we, we do see crawl spaces in Southwest Florida. Especially, you know, mobile homes or manufactured homes as well as a lot of homes on Marco Island. Okay. So if I, if I was to prefer, an inspection, it would preferably be a tall crawl space versus gala crawl space where I’m grinding all my, my big belly trying to get through there.

Brent (08:15):

That’s right. Well, you don’t look like you have a big belly. Have you lost some weight? He looked trim.


That’s just a camera.


Okay. It’s supposed to add 15 pounds. So what would you say to someone who is, had this problem for years? You know, they’re not sure if it’s going to get any worse, what would you say to those folks that have, or kind of on the fence about if they should fix it or if they continue to wait? What’s your thoughts on that?

James  (08:37):

Well, I mean, fixing your foundation is number one, something you don’t always think about. Number two, it’s not a fun process. What I tell people is, you know, who’s to say that it’ll last another 10 years like this, I cannot tell you, it could stay here the way it is now or tomorrow it could fall. Who knows. But what I do know is these problems don’t get better with time. They do get better with us. I mean, that’s the fact, our products, once I know our products are in place, we can guarantee that lifetime warranty, for the house or a long-term warranty depending on the project.

Brent (09:18):

Gotcha. Okay. I know warranties are a big deal. Not just for Alpha, but for a lot of companies, customers want to know that, they have a product that’s going to withstand the times there. And if something does happen that a company will stand behind those warranties. So you said a long-term or lifetime warranty with all our products.

James  (09:35):

That’s, correct? Yeah. We do have a long-term or lifetime warranty on all of our products, you know, depending on the products that we use in the project in general, you know, we do stand behind our warranties and you can, we can back that up as well. So we’ve been in business for 20 years for a reason. And I would like to say that’s a good reason behind it.

Brent (09:57):

If I’m selling the house, let’s say I’m planning on moving in a couple months. Is there a reason to wait and not fix it? Or because I would be afraid if I’m a customer of having something fixed and the warranty staying with, you know, with me and not the house, what, what does, what does that look like with a warranty with a customer wanting to move?

James  (10:15):

That’s the beauty of it? So essentially, our warranty is transferrable with the deed of the home, so, okay. Let’s say you do sell it. That’s a great selling feature for the next homeowner. So you’ve already established that work and now that warranty passes along to them and they can rest easy with that.

Brent (10:34):

That’s awesome. So last question here. I’ll let you be, I know you got a busy day here, but there were other contractors who attempt to do what we do, when it comes to lifting leveling homes, moisture remediation systems, what makes the right choice to be Alpha Foundations?

James  (10:48):

That’s a, that’s a loaded question right there. I sets you up. Yeah, no, I mean our approach and our process is different from everyone, from call center. When you set up that appointment to when I, myself or another design tech comes out, we are different across the board. We show up on time, we come up with the right tools. We provide you the solution that best fits your needs. And, you know, all the way to the end with the production crew, you know, we’re, we are the number one foundation repair company and Southwest Florida, the state of Florida. So, we didn’t get that way by, you know, cutting ends or, you know.

Brent (11:33):

Having cheap solutions and things like that. I really can come back to bite you. So we’re not trying to mess with that here, but James man, thanks so much for being on the podcast today. We appreciate you and appreciate you taking care of the customers in Southwest Florida. Look forward to seeing you soon. And we’ll be back on here probably in the next week or so. I might have a different guest. So if you have any insight of who could be, whoever’s taking guests, taking care of the customers down in maybe Southeast, maybe the Miami section, let me know and we’ll get them set up.

James  (12:01):

Thank you for having me. It’s been a blast and right. Go Alpha.

Brent (12:06):

See James, talk to you soon, man. Thanks.

Charlie (12:07):

For listening to the alpha foundations podcast. To learn more about Alpha Foundations, go to www.alphafoundations.com or call 8 6 6 3 7 8 7 2 1 1.

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