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How to Fix or Repair a Crawl Space Foundation


Couple working on home realizes their crawl space foundation is sinking.

Roughly 27 million homes in the U.S. are built on crawl space foundations. The crawl space is an important part of your home’s structure. However, when this area experiences structural problems, it may sag or sink in the middle. There are several reasons why this problem can occur.

The good news is that the right repair solutions will help lift your crawl space back into place and stabilize it. For the best results, you should always leave the job to the experts. Here, we’ll discuss the options available for fixing a crawl space foundation.

How to Fix a Sagging or Sinking Crawl Space

Understanding the different solutions used to fix and repair a sagging or sinking crawl space will enable you to make the right choice. Some solutions are temporary fixes that may not provide the structural support that your crawl space needs.

The SmartJack Crawl Space Support System

SmartJacks are galvanized, high-capacity steel columns with adjustable features. The posts make for a powerful, state-of-the-art system that provides enhanced structural support for sagging and sinking crawl spaces. In fact, the SmartJack system is a permanent solution to these foundation problems.

During installation, each of the heavy-duty posts is placed on top of a specially designed base to ensure the weight borne by the posts is distributed, lowering the chance of the support sinking.

Thanks to its design, the system can be adjusted when necessary to ensure additional straightening and leveling action. This also reduces the risk of further damage to your property.

In addition to lifting back and stabilizing your crawl space, the SmartJack system is compatible with a crawl space vapor barrier system. Aside from repairing the foundation problem, the SmartJack system will also help you deal with humidity issues and crawl space mold. 

Why the SmartJack System is Effective

When you notice any crawl space foundation problems, you will want the most effective and long-lasting solution to the issue. With the various options available, choosing the best method to fix the problem can be difficult. However, SmartJacks have several advantages over the alternatives. The Smart Jack System will:

Lift and Stabilize Sagging Floor Joists

The SmartJack system, which comprises steel posts, can lift sagging floor joists instantly. The adjustable features come in handy in case more support is needed in the future. This system can support loads of more than 60,000 pounds, making it perfect for stabilizing and holding the weight of your house.

Preserve Structural Integrity with a Heavy-Duty Jack Post System

When it comes to preserving your home’s structural integrity and safety, you will not want to take chances. While there are several crawl space foundation repair options, SmartJack is a powerful and proven solution. The heavy-duty system does not sink into the soil and is known for its long-lasting strength. 

Serve as a Permanent Solution

Unlike other ways of fixing a crawl space foundation, SmartJack is a long-term repair solution. The system comes with a performance warranty and a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Once the posts have been installed, there will be solid support that will help restore stability and prevent further movement.

Allow Fast Installation

The SmartJack system can be installed in limited-access areas, often in a day or less. Apart from the fast installation, there will be minimal or no disruption to your home and landscaping during the process.

Address Problems With Soils

The SmartJack system is the only crawl space foundation repair solution that addresses soil problems. Before the steel posts are installed, a pre-cast concrete base is placed on top of an engineered fill to provide a stable base so that the posts will not be limited by the bearing strength of the soil on which they rest.

Resist Corrosion and Rot

The support posts are made of galvanized steel to make them corrosion-resistant. To ensure the system will not be susceptible to moisture, mold, or wood rot, you should consider using a zinc-plated structural steel girder.

Alternative Solutions

Now that you are familiar with the SmartJack system, it is important to learn more about other crawl space repair options, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the alternative solutions.

Additional Shimming

This short-term fix is used to repair a sagging floor and girder caused by settling concrete columns. The solution uses wooden shims inserted at the top to fill the extra space between the existing column and the girder. This process involves lifting the floor above its initial position, installing the shimming, and finally placing the structure back on the support. However, the lifting can cause further structural damage.

With additional shimming, the concrete columns may still settle after some time. Moreover, the shims may need to be added or replaced. As such, this is a temporary solution that will require continuous re-shimming and maintenance.

Concrete Support Columns

This repair solution entails stacking concrete blocks on top of each other to create concrete columns. The blocks are then held together using mortar. Shims can be placed to fill any extra space between the topmost block and the floor girder. Similarly, since the concrete columns are not adjustable, additional shimming will be required if they settle. 

Generally, it takes a lot of time for the mortar and concrete footing to cure. As such, the process of installing concrete support columns is usually slow and time-consuming. If you don’t have enough crawl space columns, others may be added to ensure adequate support.

Light-Duty Jack Posts

These support posts are usually placed on top of a concrete block that sits on the ground. The steel posts cover the distance between the structural wood, which comprises joists, girders, and the floor. The good news is that they can be adjusted, which eliminates the need for over lifting.

Light-duty jack posts are a temporary solution, meaning your floor may sag again in the future. In addition, the posts tend to be narrow at the bottom, making it easy for them to sink into the soil. The posts also have a low load-bearing capacity and are susceptible to corrosion due to their steel design.

Repair Your Crawl Space With Alpha Foundations

Is your crawl space sagging or sinking? This may be a sign of larger foundation issues. Alpha Foundations is a professional foundation repair company that offers comprehensive crawl space repair solutions. We have provided foundation repair services throughout Florida and Georgia since 2002.

Contact us today at 800-714-3020 to learn more about us and our services.

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