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Rain is Not a Good Thing For Your Foundation

With the heavy rainfall residents in Florida are experiencing, some homeowners are in for a very unpleasant surprise. Water damage in your home is an extremely unpleasant situation that we hope we’ll never have to face. Unfortunately, the average homeowner will have at least one water damage experience in their lifetime. Basement flooding, mold and mildew growth, foundation cracks, and even full foundation collapse are all a result of these problems. The damage to your home and wallet could be costly.

Water follows the path of least resistance, meaning that if sidewalks slope toward your home, that’s where the water will head. If rainfall is allowed to collect adjacent to a home’s foundation, the foundation may be subjected to distress caused by swelling soils due to increased soil moisture content. In addition homes with a basement could be subjected to excess moisture infiltration during the heavy rains and wet periods.

Ground water can get into a home in two different ways from two different sources; underground and from rain or surface water seeping into the ground. Water flowing underground can be kept at bay by installing a good perimeter drainage system down at the foundation footer level. The outlets should be well marked and protected from any blockage from vegetation or debris, and from any damage, such as from vehicles. Surface water can be controlled by installing larger gutters or more downspouts. It’s also a good idea to make sure the gutter downspouts are well secured and have adequate tailpieces. Also make sure the grade or slope of the ground will help direct water away from the foundation. This will ensure that water coming down the slope will be directed away from the foundation.

If the grade around your foundation can’t be corrected, installing a moisture barrier near your foundation as part of a program for minimizing moisture migration under the foundation could be the answer. Effective moisture barriers are at least 5 feet deep. A certified contractor can install a basement waterproofing system that can help fix any problems and alleviate the pressure on your walls. Basement waterproofing is not simply applying some waterproofing paint; it’s actually the process of digging around the foundation, tamping all of the soil, installing better drainage to take underground water away from the home.

It’s also important to seal the wall cracks where the water is getting through. Hydraulic cements, epoxies and urethane injections are not able to bend and stretch along with your foundation movement. As the concrete walls expand and then shrink slightly through the freeze/thaw and wet/dry cycles, the bonds of the materials will start to fail and the crack will allow the water back in.

Excessive water can also be hazardous to your health. Perpetually wet ground surfaces can become a breeding ground for disease carrying insect infestations like mosquitoes. Depending on your environment, mold can develop in as little as 24 hours after water damage occurs. It varies depending on several circumstances but mold can develop fairly quickly.

The bottom line; do not delay. As soon as you see a problem, get it taken care of. These types of things don’t go away and won’t get better by themselves is a full service foundation repair company focused on specialized residential, commercial and industrial foundation services. Alpha Foundations will send a crew of trained installers to correct the problems you see. Throughout the installation process, extra care will be taken to minimize damage to landscaping features, utility lines, concrete patios and walkways, lawns, and siding. Contact them today!

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