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Before and After Pictures from Orlando
Driveway and Sidewalk Repair in Orlando, FL

Driveway and Sidewalk Repair in Orlando, FL

Before After
Driveway and Sidewalk Repair in Orlando, FL Driveway and Sidewalk Repair in Orlando, FL

A customer in Orlando, FL reached out to Alpha Foundations to help repair the cracks in their driveway. 

We were able to provide the desired outcome for the homeowner through the use of our PolyLevel system, 3-part Concrete Protection and Nexus Pro Crack Sealant. 

The homeowner was thrilled with the like new look of their driveway. 

Sidewalk Lift

Sidewalk Lift

Before After
Sidewalk Lift Sidewalk Lift

The sidewalk had settled over time causing a trip and fall hazard. Poly lifted the slab and no longer a hazard!

Concrete Repair in Orlando, FL

Concrete Repair in Orlando, FL

Before After
Concrete Repair in Orlando, FL Concrete Repair in Orlando, FL

A homeowner in Orlando, FL noticed the corner of their back patio was sinking. This caused part of their screen room to crack and separate. 

Our team was able to lift and level the screen room by injecting PolyLevel under the concrete. This solution included a five year warranty and provided the homeowner with their desired results. 

Concrete Repair and Foundation Repair Company in Orlando, FL

Plus, he was low key and not a pushy salesman at all. He is a good guy....
Happy Customers Surrounding Orlando, FL
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Reviews From Orlando
Testimonials From Orlando

Professional Concrete Leveling  and Foundation Repair Company in Orlando, FL

Foundation Repair Orlando

We provide repair for cracked, bowing foundation walls in Orlando and nearby.

Despite being mostly wetlands, Orlando is the 6th largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States. This means that everything in Orlando, from its people to its buildings, has learned how to adapt to its challenging environment. When these challenges manifest in the form of a humid crawlspace, a shifting foundation, or a growing sinkhole, you need a contractor that is knowledgeable and experienced in all the subtleties of the area. Alpha Foundations is the dependable foundation, crawl space, concrete, and sinkhole repair contractor for all of Orlando, FL and nearby! We have been fixing wet crawl spaces and stopping sinkholes in Florida since 2002. We offer a full range of crawl space, concrete, & foundation repair services that include push piers, sump pump installations, concrete slab leveling, and moisture barriers!

If you have a wet, moldy crawl space or a sinkhole under your foundation, give Alpha Foundations a call right away to schedule your free, no-obligation cost quote today!

Crawl Space Encapsulations & Humidity Control in Orlando

Crawl Space Orlando

Alpha Foundations's crawl space encapsulation creates a healthier, more energy efficient home.

Because Orlando is mostly flat terrain that is filled with hundreds of lakes, water can find its way under your home easily and cause all sorts of damage. Do you have a musty or damp crawl space? Do you have a hard time keeping the air in your home at a comfortable temperature all year long? Or do you have uneven or cracked floors directly above your home's crawl space?

These are all common signs of crawl space issues that should be addressed right away! While many inexperienced contractors that are not familiar with Orlando will want to open up your crawlspace to "vent" it, we at Alpha Foundations know better. A vented crawlspace will only let humidity into the crawlspace. Instead, you want to seal and encapsulate your crawlspace to protect you from the hot and humid air that will destroy your home. By addressing these moisture problems with a properly encapsulated crawl space can save you money on your home energy bill as well give you the peace of mind that you will never have to fix your crawl space again.

At Alpha Foundations we offer a variety of crawl space repair solutions to keep your crawl space dry, supported, and sealed for years to come. From complete crawl space encapsulation to a customized system, we help homeowners pick the products and services that will work best for your home and budget. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Crawl space vent sealing
  • Vapor & moisture barrier installation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space support-jacks
  • Sump pump installation
  • Sump pump repair
  • Sump pump replacement
  • Back up sump pumps
  • Annual sump pump maintenance


Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair & Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repair Orlando

Concrete leveling and repair in Orlando increases the safety and value of your property.

Never underestimate Orlando's soil. The constant influence of the wetlands combined with fluctuations between the hot and rainy seasons means that your home is built on land that is always wet enough to shift. When the soil under your house moves, whether your home is on a crawlspace or a slab, the entire structural integrity will be compromised.

We at Alpha Foundations have a variety of methods to help restore your home, stop the spread of damage, and prevent it from happening again. Our helical piers will lift your home back into place. We can straighten foundation walls, repair cracks, and stabilize settled floor. All of our products and methods have been specifically designed to be one time repairs so that you never have to worry about these problems again.

While we can certainly help lift an interior slab of concrete, we also have services for the concrete outside your home as well. Alpha Foundations can utilize our patented PolyLevel technology to life driveways and sidewalks back into place. We can also seal and resurface the concrete that has been damaged by moisture, weather, or general wear and tear.

We offer a variety of foundation and concrete repair services that include:

  • Bowing wall repair
  • Sagging crawl space repair
  • Street creep repair
  • Push piers & helical piles
  • Concrete lifting & resurfacing
  • Interior slab leveling
  • Shotcrete
  • Polylevel injections
  • Helical anchors & tiebacks
  • Concrete sealing

Fix Your Orlando Sink Hole Today!

Many Orlando homeowners are well aware of the potential dangers a sinkhole can cause to any home. Orlando's bedrock is mostly limestone. When limestone is combined with the naturally wet soil produced from the swamps and lakes of the area, that bedrock will dissolve into a sinkhole. Understanding what your home's foundation is built on is only the first part, you also need to be able to identify the signs of a sinkhole. If you see signs of a slanted foundation, sudden holes in the ground, or dips and depressions in the yard, now is the time to contact Alpha Foundations for sinkhole repair before any more damage occurs! We have the expertise and tools necessary to identify and then permanently protect you from sinkholes in order to keep your home stable and safe.

At Alpha Foundations we offer professional sinkhole remediation and repair services to make sure your home and yard are never again compromised or in danger. We offer a variety of sinkhole repair services including:

  • Sinkhole repair
  • Sinkhole remediation
  • Sinkhole underpinning
  • Concrete slab stabilization
  • Helical pier installation
  • Much more!

If you're ready to upgrade your home with crawl space repair, sinkhole repair, or any of our other services, give us a call at 1-866-703-3416 or contact us online to schedule your free, in-home estimate today!

Job Stories From Orlando, FL
Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Orlando, FL

This Orlando homeowner wanted to find a solution for his cracked and sinking sidewalk. The area of sidewalk served as a potential tripping hazard for his family and guests. 

On the day of the appointment, our Design Tech, Howard Stein arrived at the home to give a free, no-obligation estimate. Our Design Tech shared many benefits to our PolyLevel system and how to lift and level the homeowners concrete driveway. We shared details of our system that would help repair the concrete sidewalk including raising and leveling of the concrete and sealing of all joints with our Nexus Pro sealant. 

On the day of production, our crew began installing the product. They were able to successfully, lift and level the sinking areas of the sidewalk, while also sealing cracks. We were excited to provide the homeowner with a solution to their concrete problem, that can also provide them peace of mind for a safer walkway. 

Pool Deck Repair in Orlando, FL

When this Orlando, FL homeowner started noticing that his pool deck was sinking and cracking, she decided to give Alpha Foundations a call.

On the day of the appointment, one of our local Design Techs, Howard Stein, proposed a solution. In order to repair the damage, and provide the homeowner with a fix that best matches their needs, Howard recommended our PolyLevel foam NexusPro crack and joint sealant and our Concrete Protection System. The PolyLevel, which is a two-part polyurethane foam, would be injected beneath the sinking slab; leveling and stabilizing it. Our silicone-based crack and joint sealant, NexusPro, would then be applied to protect against any water infiltration.

We were so happy to be able to provide this homeowner with a completed project that not only solved their concrete issues, but provide a lasting and safe solution. 

Work Requests From Orlando, FL
Vicinity of East Central Blvd in Orlando
Horozontal displacement of plaster crack running the length of french doors near ceiling.
Vicinity of N. Econlockhatchee Trail in Orlando
Looking for pricing to install a single new steel helical pile foundation inside of an existing building for a new stair case. Can send drawings.
Vicinity of Kelvington Dr in Orlando
Ceiling and floor cracks.
Vicinity of Chateaubriand Ave in Orlando
I have a customer how is in need of a foundation repair. Can you please give me a call to discuss a proposal.
Vicinity of Vassar St in Orlando
Humidity in house. Musty, moldy odor.
Vicinity of Satel Drive in Orlando
My house is at an angle, and there is some structural damage from settling.
Vicinity of Cherry Valley Way in Orlando
Cracked unleveled driveway
Vicinity of Bayfront Parkway in Orlando
Pool deck cracks
Vicinity of Winderwood Circle in Orlando
Two sections of our pool deck are sagging causing the concrete to crack.
Vicinity of Palm Lane in Orlando
There is a musty smell from my crawl space that comes up into my kitchen area. During recent renovations several ventilation points were covered
Vicinity of Raintree Ridge Raod in Orlando
We have a piece of the sidewalk leading to the front door that it now not level. We believe a mole was digging there.
Vicinity of Corner Hill Ct in Orlando
Need to do my 3 car garage floor.
Vicinity of Albion Ave in Orlando
Cracks in driveway
Vicinity of Hammock Dunes Pl in Orlando
Weighing whether to replace our 24 year old driveway with pavers or to resurface. Many years of power washing has caused cracks and exposed agragate.
Vicinity of BURGUNDY BAY ST in Orlando
Previous re-surfacing of driveway not satisfactory. Need it re-done. Approximately 750 sq feet.
Vicinity of Glen Garry Ln in Orlando
1950's block home started exhibiting fissures, both vertical and horizontal in last few years up to 1/4" and they are getting bigger
Vicinity of Monteburg Drive in Orlando
My drive way has some cracks an I want to have a coat to see one pattern. PLEASE don't call me. Just text or email 🙏
Vicinity of NW Ivanhoe Blvd in Orlando
Looking for estimate to secure foundation at corner of garage, from settling due to large tree removal years ago.
Vicinity of Bellingham Drive in Orlando
Original concrete driveway. Have a few cracks that need filled and would like it to have new appearance.
Vicinity of Tiptree Circle in Orlando
There are a number of low spots in my front yard. One area is approximately 12 inches and the others are low enough for concern. Also, there have been crackling sounds coming from the attic.
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