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How to Check Your Crawl Space Insulation

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Your crawl space has more of a say over your home’s value than you might expect. If you don’t care for your crawl space, you may find yourself losing up to 30 percent of your home’s value when you go to sell it again.

There are simple ways to keep your crawl space secure and sturdy. One such includes the installation of insulation. Why should you bother insulating a space you’ll never use?

Why Insulate Your Crawl Space?

Your crawl space may be under your home and relatively small compared to other rooms. That doesn’t mean, however, that it isn’t sensitive to damage. In fact, the more moisture your crawl space takes on, the more likely it is that the rest of your home may be experiencing an excess of hydrostatic pressure.

There are a number of ways for you to waterproof your crawl space. If you want a waterproofing measure that pulls double duty, however, you’ll want to invest in thermal insulation. This type of insulation, either paired with a vapor barrier or on its own, creates a physical barrier between the outdoors and your crawl space. This way, water has a more difficult time getting into your crawl space. In a similar vein, when you use thermal insulation, you can protect your pipes from sudden changes in weather and unexpected leaks.

That said, you can’t just install insulation and expect it to continue to do its job without checking on it. The longer you have your insulation, the more likely it will fall victim to water damage. Damaged insulation can readily become a host for mold and moisture. If you check on your insulation regularly, you can replace it before it ends up damaged to such a degree.

How to Inspect Your Crawl Space for Insulation Damage

You don’t need to be a professional to look over your insulation, though the presence of a Florida crawl space expert certainly doesn’t hurt. Instead, you’ll want to keep an eye out for signs of damage around your home including:

  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home
  • Increasing electric or utility bills
  • Signs of seepage throughout your home
  • Mildew or mold
  • Standing water

Unfortunately, these damage symptoms can all indicate foundation trouble as readily as they can indicate that something’s amiss in your crawl space. While you can keep an eye out for them on your own time, you may want to reach out to a professional in your area for a home inspection and a free quote on what services you may need to restore your home’s value.

If you’re not noticing these signs around your home, you may need to take a closer look at your insulation on its own. While, again, this is easiest to do with the help of a professional, the process isn’t as complicated as you may think.

If you want to check over your insulation, all you need to do is:

  • Find your insulation – Builders can install insulation inside of your home or outside. If you don’t know where to look, you can get in touch with your home’s previous owners or the construction team that built it up in the first place.
  • Classify your insulation – You’ll also want to know what kind of insulation you’re working with to better identify signs of damage. The most common types of insulation to find in your crawl space include foam board and traditional fiberglass.
  • Start looking for signs of dampness – You should not touch your insulation unless you have the appropriate equipment to keep you safe. That said, once you have the right materials on hand, you can reach out and try to identify any damp spots that may give away damage.
  • Use your nose – You should also keep your senses peeled for moist, moldy, or musty smells. All these odors will give away mold clusters and subsequent insulation damage.
  • Look for damage outside of your home as well as throughout the rest of the building – As mentioned, damage in your crawl space can indicate problems throughout the rest of your home. Be sure to walk around indoors and outdoors to look for cracks, damp spots, or other signs of prolonged water damage.

Don’t let the care of your crawl space get away from you. You can explore your insulation repair and replacement options with the crawl space repair professionals at Alpha Foundations. Our team can help you look for and address any crawl space issues.

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