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Flood Damage Prevention & Flood Preparation Checklist

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It can seem impossible to predict when the weather will turn, and even more so when your home might flood. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to prepare for damage and prevent it from occurring in the first place.

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Protecting Your Home

If you’re looking to take steps to protect your home just before a storm hits, don’t worry. You can employ protective strategies, including:

  • Installing A Sump Pump

Sump pumps can remove 2,000 gallons of water or more from your home per hour when properly installed. If you’re looking to keep your belongings and structural supports safe, there’s almost no better anti-flood measure to work with. That said, you should always speak with a professional about installing a battery backup sump pump. Battery backups can do just as much work as a standard pump, and they’ll continue protecting your home even after the power’s gone out.

  • Using Smart Sensors

Smart sensors collaborate with an app on your phone to let you know when your foundation starts to flood. You can manually set these sensors out in the lowest parts of your foundation and act when they alert you. Not only that, but you can take the data you gather after a storm to one of the contractors in the Orlando, FL area. You’ll then be able to invest in more localized waterproofing measures, should you be interested in further securing your home.

  • Cleaning Out Your Gutters and Downspouts

You already have a few waterproofing measures installed around your home, even if you’ve never deliberately invested in them. If you want them to continue working properly, though, you’ll need to maintain them.

Before a big storm rolls in, be sure to clean out your gutters and to properly align your downspouts. If you don’t, your gutters may spill over and direct water down towards the perimeter of your home. Similarly, your downspouts may not carry runoff and adequate distance away, causing more hydrostatic pressure to build up beneath your home.

  • Protecting and Elevating Important Belongings

Sometimes, the simplest waterproofing solutions are the most effective. If you have documents or belongings that you want to keep safe from floodwaters, make sure they’re on the highest shelves in your crawl space or protected in an upstairs office space. It will take floodwaters much longer to reach them, to the point where they’ll be safe from some of the worst weather in the Orlando, FL, area.

  • Adding Backflow Drain Valves

Backflow drain valves are worth the investment if you’re concerned about your sewer or septic system. These valves protect you in the case of a sewer overflow and will keep both water and raw sewage out of your home.

Applying Preventative Strategies

If you’re interested in establishing long-term anti-flood plans, you have a number of preventative measures available to you. These include:

  • Flood Vents

Flood vents keep water pressure from building up outside of your home and damaging your structural supports. While these vents will allow water to get into your home, you can pair them with an internal waterproofing measure to protect your walls, foundation, and your belongings.

  • Elevated Utilities

It’s not just your belongings that you can elevate to keep dry. If you’re concerned about your utility systems failing the midst of a storm, consider installing shelving units to get them off the ground.

  • Interior French Drains

It’s important to think about what waterproofing measures are protecting your home. Take interior French drains, for instance. These drains work similarly to sump pumps, although they don’t have the benefit of an electric pump. Instead, these drains rely on a series of pipes installed around the perimeter of your home. They’ll collect water, but this water needs somewhere else to go. That’s why it’s best to pair interior French drains – typically installed in your crawl space – with a sump pump system. The drainage pipes send the water it collects to the sump pump so it can be properly removed from your home.

  • Exterior Curtain Drains

Exterior curtain drains are designed to look like loose gravel and can be placed over your drains. These curtains will keep larger obstacles from settling over your drain, ensuring that water continues to flow out of your home unimpeded.

Be sure to speak with a representative with your insurance agency if you do decide to waterproof your home. By taking steps to prevent flooding, you may be able to lower your premiums.

If you’re concerned with impending weather including hurricanes and how your home and belongings will fare, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local crawl space, foundation repair, and drainage experts. Contact the experienced team at Alpha Foundations today for a free inspection and estimate on potential repairs.

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