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Should I Repair My Foundation Or Replace It?

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The Advantages of Foundation Repair vs. Foundation Replacement

Cracks or damage to your foundation doesn’t always mean you need to replace the foundation; sometimes, a repair will suffice. It is important to consider every option before taking any action. Whether you decide to repair or replace the foundation, it is a job you will want a reliable contractor to take care of once and be done with it.

At Alpha Foundations, we will help you identify the best solution. We are happy to conduct a comprehensive foundation inspection and provide a detailed quote so that you can make an informed decision.

Contact us at [site_info_phone_number] or request a foundation repair quote online!

What’s Causing My Foundation Problem?

The short answer: It is the soil. Different soils behave in different ways as temperature and moisture conditions change. This can affect the condition of the foundation.

  • If the soil beneath the foundation shrinks, it can no longer support the weight of the structure. This results in foundation settlement.
  • If the soil beneath the foundation is clay-rich, it will absorb moisture which causes it to expand. This can result in bowing and buckling.

A structure experiencing foundation problems is not likely to improve. As the seasonal wet/dry cycle continues, the structure will suffer continual damage.

If ignored, foundation problems will only continue to worsen, so don’t wait to call our team! We’ll diagnose your foundation problem quickly.

Foundation Replacement

Foundation replacement can be an effective, albeit, disruptive solution for foundation problems. Foundation replacement requires using heavy equipment to excavate the soil around your home and expose the foundation. This does require removing:

  • Porches
  • Steps
  • Gardens
  • Walkways
  • Foliage and landscaping

Once the site is prepared, the home is “jacked up” and set on temporary supports. The foundation walls and slab floor will be removed to allow the new foundation to be built. Your house will be placed on top of it, and then the final step involves replacing soil and the porches, steps, etc., that were removed. 

This is a highly involved process that is far more disruptive, time-consuming, and expensive than foundation repair. Our team at Alpha Foundation recommends repairing over replacing.

Foundation Repair

After conducting a thorough inspection of your foundation, our structural foundation repair contractors will explain the damage to your foundation and how it occurred. But, most importantly, we’ll tell you about the specialized materials and techniques we can apply to complete permanent foundation repairs. We can perform these services year-round, and many repairs take just a day to complete.

For instance,

We encourage you to learn more about the costs of foundation repair and our foundation repair products. Contact us to learn more.

Do We Recommend Repairing Or Replacing Your Foundation?

Foundation problems can occur in houses of any age, size, and style. Indeed, some studies show that up to 15% of new homes experience structural problems.

Problems with any home generally have one or two root causes:

  • The home had poor construction quality.
  • The home was built on poorly compacted fill soils.
Compromised foundation with cracked brick

While there are some instances where a foundation just can’t be fixed, we typically recommend repairing the foundation whenever possible. It is less expensive, less disruptive, and often just as effective.

Our Florida foundation contractors will do more than repair a damaged foundation. We develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses problematic soils and site conditions so that the original problems don’t recur.

For example, we can install push piers that extend deep below your foundation and into the bedrock or competent strata, thus bypassing the poor supporting soil and permanently stopping future settlement. 

We can also install wall anchors that reach beyond foundation walls. These use the soils outside of your foundation to anchor the walls and counteract inward pressure.

Contact us to schedule an inspection so that we can determine the best solution for your foundation.

Call Us For A Free Foundation Quote In Florida and Georgia!

Alpha Foundations is locally owned and operated. We are proud to offer our foundation services to resolve the damage permanently. Our solid workmanship and warrantied solutions can restore the value and structural stability of your home.

We offer free foundation repair quotes that include an on-site inspection of your foundation.

We proudly serve the Florida and Georgia area, including Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa and many more areas nearby.

Find out why Alpha Foundations is the top choice for foundation repair by giving us a call!

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