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Foundation Repair in Tampa, FL

If your foundation is cracking, settling, or otherwise damaged, it will not be able to support the rest of your home. Permanent foundation repair from Alpha Foundations ensures its safety and stability.

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Foundation Repair in Tampa, FL

While there are many important home improvement projects to tackle around your Tampa, FL, home, maintenance needs to start from the ground up with your foundation. The foundation is responsible for upholding your entire home, so it must be structurally sound. Cracks, unevenness, settling, and other damage not only impact your home, but your family’s safety, as well.  

Ensuring the health and stability of your foundation with permanent solutions is vital. For 20 years, Alpha Foundations has been the preferred foundation repair specialist in Tampa and surrounding western Florida communities. Our team will thoroughly inspect your foundation and home, diagnose the problems at hand and their causes, and install the best solutions that will put your home back on solid ground. 


Schedule Free Inspection

One of our contact center representatives will reach out to you to determine your problem and set the best time for one of our certified field inspectors to visit your home.

Consult with our certified inspector

Our certified field inspector will visit your home to observe the problems in your home and inspect other areas of your home that may have been impacted.

Installation of customized solutions

Our professional production crew installs patented, American-made solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

Foundation Problem Signs in Tampa

You will spot a variety of problem signs around your Tampa house if your foundation has been damaged. These include floor cracks, sticking doors and windows, wall cracks, bowing walls, cracked bricks, cracking and leaning chimneys, a sagging crawl space, uneven floors, and damaged seawalls. These issues won’t go away on their own. Over time, they’ll only become worse, dangerous, and more costly to repair. With the help of Alpha Foundations’ qualified support, you can solve these issues for good.

Causes of Foundation Damage in Tampa

The soil and weather in Tampa and how they interact are at the heart of most causes of foundation damage. Sand dominates the soil of Tampa and western Florida, and it also includes some loam, muck, and clay. The looser sand is more readily washed away and degraded, and the tropical, humid, and rainy environment exacerbates the issue of this already fragile soil. Tampa normally receives 51 inches of rain each year due to its location near the Gulf Coast and Tampa Bay. The foundation will sink and settle if the soil is washed away or is very damp. The same thing can occur on hot summer days when it is not raining; drought causes the soil to shrink and creates gaps between the ground and the foundation. 

Foundation Repair Solutions in Tampa

The type of foundation and the degree of the damage on your Tampa home are a couple of factors that will determine what repairs are necessary for the foundation. For your home’s specific needs, Alpha Foundations provides a range of foundation repair solutions that are customizable. These include helical tiebacks for seawall repair, helical piers, push piers, slab piers, and crawl space supports. We are pleased to provide commercial foundation repair in addition to our residential services, as well. Every product we install is American-made and covered by long-term, transferable, nationally backed warranties. 

Why Choose Alpha Foundations

It is essential to maintain your Tampa property’s foundation and have it professionally inspected and fixed. Although foundation repair may not be on your list of urgent home repairs, it is essential work that will improve the health, safety, and value of your Tampa home. If you see wall cracks, unevenness, or any other issues, don’t hesitate to call Alpha Foundations for a free inspection and estimate

During our 20 years of experience, thousands of homeowners in Tampa and western Florida have trusted us with their foundation repairs, and we have earned numerous positive reviews and accolades including the Best Places to Work Award. We’ll repair and protect your foundation correctly the first time, so you can count on us. 

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