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10 Steps for Springtime Home Maintenance in Florida

Spring is the perfect time for a new start on all your home projects. Here's our checklist for getting your home and landscaping in great shape, ready for summer.

Spring is a wonderful time in Florida. It’s the perfect time of year to attend to maintenance and home improvement tasks before the wet season and the heat of summer.

Here’s our spring maintenance checklist with 10 maintenance tips to help you find and repair any damage, keep up with deferred repairs, and get your home ready for summer.

1. Outdoor Inspection

Start with a walk all around your home looking closely for any damage incurred over the winter months. Try to spot damage and take steps to correct it now before it can get bigger and more costly. Watch for shingles that are loose or missing, siding that’s damaged, gutter and downspout damage, and cracks in the sidewalks or driveway.

2. Yard Cleanup – Tree and Shrub Trimming

Remove fallen tree limbs, rake leaves, put down new mulch, and trim shrubs and trees. Trim back branches that could damage your home. Open up tree cover that could allow mold and mildew on siding by restricting airflow and sunshine.

3. Foundation Review

Both outside and inside, look for cracks, leaks, and shifts in walls. Interior wall cracks might be a sign that your foundation is shifting. Look closely outside around the edges of the foundation. Watch for root growth near the foundation as well. When the rains start, you’ll want your foundation secure. We can help with a free inspection.

4. Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

Controlling water around your foundation is critical to preventing damage. That begins with properly sized gutters and downspouts. During your inspection, make sure they are clear and any obstructions removed. Repair any damage you find. This will be critical in preventing foundation damage during wet weather.

5. Outdoor Plumbing and Equipment Review

Take time to inspect sprinkler systems, AC units, pool equipment, outdoor faucets, and everything else you’ve installed around your home. Plumbers and HVAC experts are the go-to people to help keep all this operating at peak efficiency.

6. Outdoor Drain Inspection

Make sure storm drains and other rainwater management systems are clear of obstructions and ready to go. A pressure washer can be used to clean off drain covers. A plumbing snake can clear any clogged drains you find.

7. Lawn Seeding Work

Spring is a good time for reseeding your lawn. Look for bare or thin spots. Use matching seed for your lawn and try a lawn seed blanket on slopes to help keep things in place as the seed germinates and extends its roots.

8. Pest Management

This is a good time to check around the foundation as well as the roof eaves. Ants, termites, and burrowing animals can cause damage at ground level. Bats, birds, squirrels, and flying insects can damage your roof. Help prevent their entry by sealing any cracks or holes you find.

9. Deck and Siding Washing

This is a great time to clean decks and siding with a power washer. Washing with the correct pressure setting for the type of wood or siding is essential. Pine decks typically need a 500 psi setting, while vinyl siding companies recommend using liquid soap to prevent damage to the finish.

10. Future Project Planning

Over the winter, or perhaps over the past year, you’ve no doubt been collecting a list of home improvements. They may still be just thoughts. Now is the perfect time to pull them all together into a comprehensive list along with any open repair items.

We can help you with whatever foundation issues you may find in your spring maintenance inspection. Contact the experts at Alpha Foundations for a free inspection and repair estimate.

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