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Foundation Repair

Alpha Foundations is Florida's leading expert in foundation repair. Get cutting-edge, locally trusted solutions today!

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Is foundation repair the right solution for me?   

If you live in Florida and are seeing the signs of foundation problems, then yes, your home will need foundation repair. 

You deserve the best, locally trusted foundation repair experts to set things right. Alpha Foundations has extensive experience and proven expertise in repairing all kinds of foundation damage all over the state of Florida.


It’s best not to delay repairs once the damage is identified. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the required repairs will become more extensive (and expensive).

Foundation repairs will have some impact on your lawn and landscaping. The extent of the impact depends on the type of damage and the required repairs. In most cases, the impact is minimal and easily repaired.

The majority of foundation repairs require one to three days to complete. Before starting work, our team will tell you how long we estimate the project to take. In most cases, you can stay in your home throughout the duration of the process.

Why Is Foundation Repair Needed?  

Repairing your home’s foundation issues is vital because your home is only as stable as the foundation it sits on. You need foundation repair for 3 simple reasons:

1.) It Maintains Your Home’s Structural Integrity  

If just one section of your foundation shows signs of stress, your whole home is at risk. Simply put, foundation repair will save your home from collapse.

2.) It Restores Value to Your Home  

If you have a damaged foundation, the value of your home will decrease dramatically, but the price will reflect upon the fear foundation problems bring to buyers. Our foundation repair experts back their work up with long-term, transferable warranties, so homeowners like you can get the most out of selling their homes.

3.) Putting Repairs Off Will Cost More  

Foundation repair costs increase as damage increases, and secondary problems will only compound the issue. Get ahead of the problems now, and you’ll save bundles.   

Tips from Our Foundation Repair Experts

Here’s some quick tips from your trusted local foundation experts, collected over our 20-year legacy of repairing homes in Florida, that can help you protect your foundation:

6 Dos and Don’ts

  • Keep an Eye Out For Signs of Damage

Take a stroll around your foundation at least once a year, and look for indications of foundation damage like cracks and bulging bricks. Look for insect trails or evidence pests have been digging near your foundation.

  • Keep an Eye on Tree Roots  

Not only do tree roots threaten the walls of your home, but they also remove hundreds of gallons of water from the soil, shrinking it and offering less support for your foundation during the hot summer months.   

  • Be Proactive (and Consistent) with Annual Maintenance

Keep up-to-date with regular maintenance, but also take steps to ensure that the moisture level in the soil around your foundation is consistent. If you do this, the soil won’t shrink and swell so dramatically. Evaluate your landscaping grade and water your grass during the dry season. 

  • Don’t Just Fill in Foundation Cracks 

Patching a foundation crack with cement or epoxy is a temporary solution that won’t prevent future foundation damage. You need more thorough solutions.

  • Don’t Always Walk Away From A House With Foundation Damage

We get it: buying a house with foundation damage can be too much of a hassle. But Alpha applies cutting-edge solutions in just a day or two, and foundation repair costs can be reasonably priced than you expect.

  • Don’t Blame the Builder 

When a homeowner finds a foundation problem, it’s easy to blame the builder. And while homebuilder’s can make mistakes, too, it’s more likely the fault of the soil around your home. Learn about how the soil impacts your foundation, so that you can make informed decisions about repair solutions.

Find your service area

Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers is known as a vacation destination, but foundation problems are no day at the beach. If your home’s foundation, crawl space, or concrete is damaged, Alpha Foundations can help permanently repair and protect these essential structures with the best solutions.

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville homeowners take pride in their homes. It’s important to fix foundation problems as soon as possible before they get worse. The experts at Alpha can help.

Panama City, FL

Beautiful beaches and warm breezes draw many to Panama City, but the area’s wet, humid weather and sandy soils can lead to damage that impacts your entire home. Alpha Foundations provides the best solutions that permanently repair and protect your property.

Tallahassee, FL

Humid and wet Tallahassee weather coupled with sandy soil creates problems for homes’ foundations, concrete, and crawl spaces. Combat the damage from these forces with trusted, customizable, long-lasting repairs from our local experts at Alpha Foundations.

Tampa, FL

While Tampa is a beautiful Gulf city, its humid, wet, hurricane-prone weather and unstable sandy soil can lead to significant damage throughout your home. Repair the damage and protect your home for good with Alpha Foundations’ customizable permanent solutions.

Valdosta, GA

Valdosta has sandy soil and high moisture year-round. This combination can damage your home causing cracks and structural issues in your home's foundation.

West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach boasts beautiful Atlantic views and tropical breezes, but often volatile weather and soil conditions threaten home stability. Repair and protect your foundation, concrete, and crawl space with professionally engineered and installed solutions.

Miami, FL

Miami is a tropical oasis getaway for many, but the humidity, rain, and unstable soil in the area are problematic for homes. Ensure your home is properly prepared to weather the storm with permanent solutions available from Alpha Foundations.

Jacksonville, FL

Humidity, year-round rain, and unstable soil are common culprits behind crawl space, foundation, and concrete damage in homes throughout Jacksonville. Alpha Foundations has the reliable solutions your home needs for permanent stability and protection.

Orlando, FL

If you live in the muggy, sandy environment that Orlando, Florida has to offer, there is a good chance that the foundation, the concrete, and the crawl space of your home will experience some type of damage.

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