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Floor Crack

Cracked Floor Repair in Florida & Georgia

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Alpha Foundations Will Fix Your Sinking & Settling Concrete Floor Slabs

Concrete slab piers are engineered to extend far below the surface of your floor to stabilize your floor. Once positioned on competent supporting soils, sinking, sagging, and settling floors will be firmly in your rearview mirror, and you will enjoy reliable protection against cracks in floors and walls, uneven surfaces, and weakened foundation structures.

The expert technicians at Alpha Foundations are ready to install concrete slab pier systems in your Florida or Georgia home. Contact us to learn more about our services in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Miami, and throughout our service area!   

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    What Causes Floors to Crack?

    Settling and sinking are the two most common causes of floor cracks. Settling typically occurs in the first few years after construction. It can be caused by weak bearing soil, insufficient compaction, changes in moisture content, or vegetation growth.

    Sinking can occur when erosion flows into the soil surrounding the foundation. This causes the dirt to expand as the hydrostatic pressure builds up. As it dries out, it creates a void that the foundation sinks into.

    The three most common causes of settling concrete floor slabs are:

    Drying/shrinking of soils under the slab

    Washout of soils underneath the slab

    Poor compaction of foundation fill soils

    Signs of Sinking & Settling

    Cracks in the concrete are usually the first signs that your floor slab is sinking and settling. You may also see the walls begin to separate from the floor. Another common sign is interior wall cracks that form off the corners of interior doorways. It’s also possible to feel the floors become increasingly uneven and notice that doors and windows “stick” when opened and closed.

    Slab Pier Systems Solve Sinking & Settling Problems

    We utilize the Groundworks Slab Pier System to stabilize the concrete floor slab. This provides superior support and creates an opportunity to relevel the floor. It also allows us to lift the non-load bearing partition walls, which often settle with the slab.

    We perform a thorough inspection before installation. From this, we complete a proposal that identifies each step and the best positions to install the slab piers. Once the locations are identified, we bore a small hole through the concrete slab floor to create an access point for installation.

    Once the holes are drilled, we insert a three-piece slab bracket beneath the slab. The system is inserted through the borehole and expanded, allowing for greater weight distribution through the smallest hole possible.

    After the slab bracket is positioned, we insert galvanized steel tubes using our hydraulic system. These foundation piers provide the support your foundation requires. Additionally, these galvanized steel tubes won’t rust and ensure long-lasting strength and dependability. After the piers are installed, we transfer the weight of the concrete slab to the load-bearing strata. The final stage of the process involves filling the injection site with grout fill and cleaning the space.

    Many steps go into properly repairing your foundation slab problems. Contact us, and we will be happy to tell you more!

    Alpha Foundations is Ready to Work for You!

    At Alpha Foundations, our team of experts thoroughly understands the challenges and problems caused by regional soil conditions. We are masters at concrete slab floor leveling in Florida and Georgia. We are proud to be the region’s premier service provider and back all of our solutions with a long-term or lifetime warranty so that you can be ensured of the quality of our work.

    Contact Alpha Foundations for more information about our services. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and provide a free estimate!

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