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  • Fort Myers, FL
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  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Orlando, FL
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  • Tampa, FL
  • Valdosta, GA
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  • 10 Reasons to Clean Your Florida Crawl Space in Winter
  • 10 Steps for Springtime Home Maintenance in Florida
  • 10 Warning Signs of Foundation Failure: Part One
  • 10 Warning Signs of Foundation Failure: Part Two
  • 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • 2013-14 BizWiz Individual Average Dollar per Lead (ADL) Award
  • 2013-14 BizWiz Team Average Dollar per Lead (ADL) Award
  • 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • 2014 BBB Customer Service Award
  • 2014 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics
  • 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • 2016 BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics
  • 2016 Tallahassee Chamber Service Business of the Year
  • 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • 2017 BBB Northwest Florida Customer Service Excellence Award
  • 2017 BBB Northwest Florida Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics
  • 2017 Best Pick by EBSCO Research
  • 2018 All-Employee Meeting
  • 2018 Winter Party
  • 3 Ways to Protect Your Crawl Space This Winter
  • 4 Tips to Prepare Your Florida Home for the 2023 Hurricane Season
  • 5 Unmistakable Signs of Crawl Space Damage in Winter
  • 6 Crawl Space Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners
  • 6 Essential Things to Know About Mold
  • 6 Ways to Make Your Crawl Space Less Prone to Pest Invasion
  • 7 Common Signs of Mold in Your Crawl Space
  • 7 Major Causes of Foundation Cracks in Your Home
  • 8 Early Warning Signs
  • A Handy Guide to Plastic Crawl Space Barrier Encapsulation
  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Concrete Foundation Cracks
  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Expansive Soils and Their Problems
  • A Visual Guide to Concrete Lifting in FL & GA
  • Achievement of Quality Assurance Award- Federal Engineering and Testing, Inc.
  • All About PolyRenewal Injections
  • Alpha Foundations Awarded as One of the “Best Companies to Work for in Florida”
  • Alpha Foundations Completes Push-Up Challenge for Pediatric Cancer
  • Alpha Foundations Donates Supplies for a Local School in Need
  • Alpha Foundations Earns 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA)
  • Alpha Foundations Earns Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA)
  • Alpha Foundations Opens New Office in Tampa
  • Alpha Foundations Wins BBB Northwest FL Torch Award for Ethics
  • Alpha is on the move! Are you coming?
  • Banish Tripping Hazards with PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting
  • Be Prepared for Natural Weather Events in Greater Orlando
  • Best Florida Gators Team-Themed Rooms and Spaces
  • Calculate Gutter and Drainage Capacity
  • Can a Foundation Crack on a New Home?
  • Can Foundations Crack on a Garage?
  • Can Trees Damage Your Crawl Space?
  • Can Trees Damage Your Foundation?
  • Can You Use Your Crawl Space After It Floods?
  • Celebrating the Biggest News of the Year!
  • Commercial Helical Piles in Florida & Georgia
  • Covid-19 Prep List: How do you prepare for a pandemic?
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: Why Every Homeowner Needs It
  • Crawl Space Mold and Your Health – What You Should Know
  • Did you know? We can waterproof your home!
  • Do the Cooler Winter Temperatures Affect Your Crawl Space?
  • Does a Flooded Crawl Space Need Insulation?: A Florida Guide
  • Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Home’s Foundation Repair?
  • Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Cracks?
  • Does Your Florida Home Have a Foundation Problem?
  • Does Your Orlando Home Foundation Leak?
  • Don’t Settle: How To Fix A Settling Foundation
  • Drying Out Your Home: 6 Myths About Foundation Repair to Ignore
  • Everything Homeowners Need to Know About Florida’s Soil
  • Excessive Evaporation and Gaps Between Soil & Foundation
  • Expert Tips to Protect Your Florida Home during the Gulf’s Low-Pressure System
  • Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Florida Home
  • Florida Homeowner’s Checklist for After a Hurricane
  • Florida Homes at Increased Risk of Flooding
  • Florida’s Guide to Repairing a Concrete Driveway
  • Foundation Cracks 101
  • Foundation Cracks and Infestations
  • Foundation Cracks in Orlando, FL: A Guide
  • Foundation Issues and Construction Problems
  • Foundation Repair Cost Estimates in Florida and Georgia
  • Foundation Repair Costs
  • Foundation Waterproofing: Protecting Your Home
  • Has My Slab Foundation Moved?
  • Have Crawl Space Flood Vents? Here’s What You Should Know
  • Have Water Drainage Issues Around the Foundation? These 5 Solutions Can Help
  • Home Health Checklist – Florida Property Guide
  • How Can I Protect My Home and Family from Hazards and Costly Repairs?
  • How Can PolyRenewal Repair My Concrete Pool Deck?
  • How Does the Soil Under My Home Affect the Foundation?
  • How Florida’s Hurricanes Cause Soil Erosion
  • How Foam Injections Lift & Level Florida’s Concrete
  • How Much Does it Cost to Clean and Repair a Crawl Space?
  • How to Check Your Crawl Space Insulation
  • How to Fix a Sinking Foundation
  • How to Fix or Repair a Crawl Space Foundation
  • How to Know if My House Needs Foundation Repair
  • How to Know If You’ve Got Wood Rot or Mold in Your Crawl Space
  • How to Lift a Sinking Concrete Slab
  • How To Prevent Mold in Your Crawl Space
  • How to Repair the Concrete Around Your Pool
  • Is Foundation Repair Worth the Expense?
  • Is it Dangerous if My Chimney is Tilting?
  • Is It Okay To Buy a House With Foundation Problems?
  • Is Opening Crawl Space Vents Really Worth It? Find Out the Truth
  • Is PolyRenewal More Effective Than Spray Foam And Mudjacking?
  • Is the Appointment Really FREE?
  • Is Venting the Crawl Space A Good Idea?
  • Japanese Climbing Fern: Top Weed for Garden and Home Damage in Florida
  • Keep Your Crawl Space Clean and Pest-Free!
  • Keep Your Home Safe from Pests Common in the Fall and Winter
  • Keep Your Yard Drains Moving This Summer with Our Simple Tips!
  • Mold Exposure in Pets – What are the Signs?
  • Mold, Moisture, and Humidity, Say Goodbye!
  • NEFBA Laurel Awards – Logo Redesign
  • Our Top Picks for Florida State Seminoles Team-Themed Spaces
  • Post-Tree Removal: Doubling Down On Home Protection
  • Protecting Your Home from Tree Roots with Tree Root Removal
  • Providing Hope and a Local Call to Others
  • Purchasing a Home with a Damaged Crawl Space
  • Pushing Off That Honey-Do List?
  • Say Goodbye to White Mold in Your Crawl Space
  • Self-Leveling Concrete 101: Can It Be Used to Repair a Garage Floor?
  • Self-Quarantine with Top-Rated Netflix Specials!
  • Should I Buy an Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier?
  • Should I Repair My Foundation Or Replace It?
  • Should You Block Crawl Space Vents in the Winter?
  • Should You Install an Interior Drain or A Sump Pump?
  • Sinkhole or Foundation Problem? How Can I Tell?
  • Steps to Take for Your Foundation Insurance Claims in Florida
  • Summer’s Out and School’s In Session
  • The 3 Biggest Reasons the South Doesn’t Have Basements
  • The Best Way to Insulate a Crawl Space
  • The Care and Keeping of Your Dehumidifier
  • The Different Types of Foundation Repair
  • The Florida Guide to Concrete Repair
  • The Florida Guide to Crumbling & Chipping Concrete
  • The Ins and Outs of a Crawl Space Inspection
  • The Man Behind Alpha Foundations
  • Top 10 Tips For Choosing the Best Concrete Contractor
  • Top 5 Homeowners’ Concerns About Foundation Problems
  • Top Causes of Foundation Cracks on a House
  • Types of Dangerous Mold in the Home & How to Protect Against it
  • Waterproof Your Crawl Space This Winter
  • Waterproofing Your Home: Vapor Barriers, Thermal Insulation, or Both?
  • Ways to Have a Comfortable Winter Season Without Pests
  • We Value Your Feedback!
  • What Are Helical Piers?
  • What Are Push Piers?
  • What Can I Expect from Alpha Foundations?
  • What Could Be In Floodwaters?
  • What Is a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier & How Does It Help Your Home?
  • What Makes Alpha Foundations Different from Other Contractors?
  • What Should Your Crawl Space Repair Budget Look Like?
  • What You Should Know When Your Crawl Space Gets Damp
  • When Should I Replace the Roof of My Florida Home?
  • Which Animals Cause the Most Damage to Your Home & Foundation?
  • Why are my walls cracking?
  • Why Can’t You Fix Foundation Cracks on Your Own?
  • Why Close Crawl Space Vents: They do More Harm Than Good
  • Why Crawl Space Moisture Gets Worse in the Summer
  • Why Does Concrete Sink?
  • Why is PolyRenewal the Best Concrete Lifting Option?
  • Will Crawl Space Encapsulation Boost My Home’s Value?
  • Your Lawn’s Health: A Checklist for the Rainy Season
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