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Floor Gaps

Detecting gaps between your home’s floors and walls is usually an early sign of foundation trouble. This unsightly problem sign is more than just a cosmetic issue; a floor gap can lead to serious structural problems that threaten the safety of your home and loved ones.  

Ignoring floor gaps is never a good idea! With over 20 years of expertise tackling foundation issues in Florida, Alpha Foundations is your go-to solution for solving serious damage like floor gaps and keeping them away in the long-term. 

What Are Floor Gaps? 

Floor gaps refer to any noticeable separation between the floors and walls inside your home. These unsettling gaps appear when your floors begin to detach from baseboards due to a settling foundation.   

Since floor gaps are a strong indicator that your foundation is damaged, ignoring them actually puts your home’s overall structural integrity at risk. Acting quickly helps avoid other foundation problems down the line, including: 

At Alpha Foundations, we offer leading solutions engineered with cutting-edge technology. Our foundation repair options are designed to eliminate your floor gaps, stabilize your foundation, and provide you with peace of mind. 

What Causes Floor and Wall Gaps? 

Various factors could contribute to gaps between the floors and the walls: 

Foundation settlement like this can lead to floor and wall gaps.

Foundation Settlement 

In our experience, the most common reason for floor gaps is foundation settlement. When the soil under your home becomes inconsistent due to changes in moisture or other environmental factors, it can no longer provide stable support. This imbalance causes the foundation to sink unevenly, generating visible and unsettling cracks and gaps. 

Weak Floor Joists 

If your home is constructed over a crawl space and the floor joists are deteriorating—either due to being stretched too thin or succumbing to moisture damage like wood rot—the flooring starts to sag, leading to visible floor gaps. 

Soil Fluctuations 

Certain soil types, such as clay, will expand and contract as moisture levels change. This continuous soil movement puts strain on your foundation, eventually leading to gaps between the floors and walls. 

Can Floor Gaps Be Repaired? 

Absolutely, floor and wall gaps can be fixed! But remember, this is not a superficial problem; the right fix depends on identifying the root issue. Covering up the gaps with DIY sealants won’t resolve the underlying foundation problem, so professional support is recommended. 

How to Fix Floor Gaps 

At Alpha Foundations, our foundation specialists are trained in the latest industry practices and will conduct a thorough inspection to identify why your floor and wall gaps have occurred. We will then design a tailored plan to stabilize your foundation using techniques like: 

  • Foundation Piers: These are inserted below a sinking foundation to transfer the load to more stable soil. Depending on the location and extent of damage, helical, push, or slab piers will be used to permanently stabilize (and potentially elevate) your foundation. 
  • Crawl Space Supports: Our adjustable support posts can be placed beneath compromised floor joists to permanently raise and support your floors. 

With a quarter-century of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, Alpha Foundations can confidently prescribe the right fix to secure your home’s foundation. 

Why Address Floor and Wall Gaps Now? 

Addressing these gaps promptly is critical for several reasons: 

  • Avoid Further Damage: Ignoring gaps can escalate to severe structural issues like sagging floors. 
  • Save on Repair Costs: DIY or patchwork solutions will ultimately cost you more in the long run because they don’t solve the underlying problem (which only gets worse). 
  • Prevent Additional Headaches: Unsealed gaps can introduce moisture and pests, potentially leading to mold infestations
  • Maintain Home Comfort: Gaps cause drafts and temperature fluctuations, raising your energy bills. 
  • Safeguard Home Value: Ignoring foundation flaws will significantly reduce your property’s worth. 

Floor and wall gaps are symptomatic of underlying foundation issues that will worsen and become costlier if neglected. Act now by contacting Alpha Foundations for a comprehensive, permanent solution. 

Choose Alpha Foundations for Floor Gap Repairs 

Alpha Foundations offers reliable, tailor-made solutions for your floor gap problems by fortifying your home’s foundation. We stand behind our work and aim for your complete satisfaction. 

Get in touch today to arrange your complimentary inspection and explore our budget-friendly financing solutions. Our team of experts will thoroughly examine your home, recommend optimal solutions, and guide you through payment options that fit your budget.  

Don’t delay—secure your most prized asset with Alpha Foundations, your trusted, local partner in maintaining a safe and stable home! 


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