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Tilting & Leaning Chimney Repair Service in FL & GA

If your foundation or soils cannot support the weight of your chimney, it could begin to tilt and ultimately collapse. Learn more about what causes tilting chimneys.

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Alpha Foundations Will Restore Your Failing Chimney

A full-size chimney can weigh five to ten tons or even more if it’s made of masonry. With all that weight, it’s important to have a solid base to rely on. If your foundation or soils cannot support your chimney, it will develop a tilt that can result in failure and collapse. The first sign you may notice that something is wrong is if the chimney begins to slightly separate from your home. Once you’ve noticed this, prompt action is crucial, and this is not one of those repairs that you should put off. Not only can collapse occur suddenly, but it can also cause damage to your shingles, other roofing structures, siding, landscaping, and other fixtures.

At Alpha Foundations, we specialize in straightening your chimney out. Our high-quality foundation repair solutions can repair a tilting chimney and ensure that it stays in a fixed position, snugly beside your home. Once the chimney is properly positioned, we’ll ensure that any gaps or holes are properly sealed with mortar, foam, caulk, and other materials to create a permanent repair solution. Moreover, we will check the entire foundation, as chimney tilt can signify other foundation issues.

Contact Alpha Foundations today to speak with our team and receive a free estimate on chimney repair for your Florida or Georgia home. We proudly serve clients in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and surrounding communities.

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    Causes of a Leaning Chimney

    In some instances, chimneys may have missing or inadequate footing. This is caused by poor design and the improper use of structural supports. Another cause of chimney tilt, and the most common, is when the soil beneath the foundation is too weak to support the structure. If the soil is not properly prepared, the chimney will start to sink, which will result in a gradual tilt and eventual collapse.

    Repairing Chimneys with Helical Piers

    When you call on our team at Alpha Foundations, we’ll recommend using a helical pier system to fix your tilting chimney. This proven solution will work to stabilize your failing chimney. It involves using foundation piers that incorporate a helical blade. The blade makes it possible to drive the pier deep into the ground, providing more strength and stability. Then, with the pier firmly rooted in the soil, we attach a bracket to the pier and mount this to the footing of the chimney’s foundation. This is a highly effective solution that can return the chimney to its proper 90-degree position snugly against your home. 

    Don’t Attempt a DIY Fix

    You may be tempted to DIY your chimney repairs, but we strongly recommend you call a professional! Filling in the void between your house and chimney with masonry, foam, or caulk will not fix a tilting chimney. These “solutions” may provide temporary relief but are not long-lasting and will ultimately require removal before a permanent solution is applied.

    Further, tilting chimneys are often a symptom of other foundation problems that could be far worse. Failure to resolve these can cause the chimney to tilt and collapse, and the underlying issues can cause other structural damage to your home. It’s best to have one of our professionals thoroughly examine the problem to ensure no issues are left unidentified. 

    We’ll Repair Your Tilting Chimney In Florida Or Georgia!

    The team at Alpha Foundations specializes in a full range of foundation and chimney repairs. From cracked slabs to tilting chimneys, our warrantied solutions are just what you need to quickly and permanently resolve the problem.

    We are happy to provide free, no-obligation foundation repair estimates to homeowners within our service area. Each estimate is made in-person and on-site, and we offer it at no obligation to you.

    Whether you’re in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, or elsewhere within our service area, contact us at 800-714-3020 to schedule your appointment!

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