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Concrete Lifting

Sunken concrete ruins curb appeal and creates a tripping hazard. Our proven solutions lift and restore your concrete surfaces back to safety.

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Is PolyRenewal™ the right solution for me?  

When you’re dealing with cracked, settling, or uneven concrete, you have two options: replace the slab or invest in a concrete repair service like concrete lifting. Concrete lifting with polyurethane foam such as PolyRenewal™ can repair your concrete quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily life.  

  • It’s an affordable, permanent, and waterproof solution.  
  • PolyRenewal™ reaches its final strength and can support weight in just 15 minutes. Other repair options take an entire day. 
  • It’s environmentally friendly, meaning it does not release harmful chemicals into the soil .  
  • Contractors can be precise about what and where concrete is lifted.  


PolyRenewal cures very quickly. In fact, you can drive your car over a driveway slab just 15 minutes after it’s been lifted with PolyRenewal.

Contact us for a free inspection. One of our design specialists will come to your home and inspect your concrete. He or she will then sit down with you and explain what caused your issues, how they can be fixed and exactly what it will cost.

PolyRenewal is cost-effective because it offers a solution that is long-lasting, unlike mudjacking and slab replacement. And your concrete will never cost less to repair than it does right now.

Yes. PolyRenewal is made from an environmentally friendly material that is waterproof and won’t degrade over time. This means it won’t leach harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil.

No. PolyRenewal™ is a proprietary product developed by Groundworks and is available exclusively from Alpha Foundations and other Groundworks companies.

Why PolyRenewal™ Is Needed 

There are various reasons your exterior concrete slabs sink. However, before PolyRenewal™, there were two basic options for lifting concrete: mud jacking and slab replacement. Both approaches have limitations and disadvantages. PolyRenewal™ offers many advantages over traditional concrete lifting methods:  

PolyRenewal™ Vs. Replacement  

Replacing a concrete slab is both expensive and disruptive. Concrete slabs can take days – or even weeks – to cure. And even then, since the root cause of uneven concrete wasn’t addressed, the new slabs are likely to sink again. PolyRenewal™ material is lightweight, so it won’t add weight to weak soil. Best of all, PolyRenewal™ allows for the use of concrete within hours, not weeks.  

Common Concrete Lifting Tips & Mistakes  

Concrete Lifting Tips

  • Look For A Waterproof Solution

Florida is no stranger to rain. Unfortunately, all this rain can cause the soil under exterior concrete slabs to wash out. When looking for a repair, choose a waterproof solution that won’t wash out even in the worst of storms.   

  • Cure Time Is Important

Although cure time may seem like nothing to consider, a lot can happen while you wait for concrete to set. If it rains on fresh concrete or concrete that has been mud jacked recently, there are serious negative results. PolyRenewal™ has a cure time of only 15 minutes.  

  • Consider The Mess 

The equipment required to install other methods of concrete leveling can be large and heavy. This kind of machinery can tear up your lawn and landscaping and make it difficult to use when accessing specific locations. Consider an alternative that uses compact and transportable solutions.  

Concrete Lifting Mistakes  

  • Using Self Leveling Concrete  

DIY concrete lifting is not something we can recommend. Self-leveling concrete can sound alluring but is very tricky to use. One huge mistake is using warm water, causing the concrete to set too quickly and creating bubbles and bumps.  

  • Assuming All Concrete is Equal

Attempting to pour your own concrete takes a lot of preparation. The concrete alone requires a precise mixture of three ingredients — cement, water, aggregates (i.e., sand and gravel). Depending on where the concrete is being poured, different rations of dry ingredients are needed, as well as differing amounts of water.   

  • Slab Thickness Matters  

Concrete used in different areas needs to be different thicknesses. For example, a sidewalk slab should be four inches thick, while a driveway slab should be eight to ten inches thick.   

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    Fort Myers is known for its beaches, but it also experiences a lot of rain and moisture. This can be a problem for your foundation.

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    Gainesville tends to be wet all year round. This can cause serious problems for your crawl space. Read on for solutions.

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    Jacksonville, FL

    Like much of Florida, Jacksonville is often hot and humid. Your foundation is at risk.

    Orlando, FL

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    If you live in the muggy, sandy environment that Orlando, Florida has to offer, there is a good chance that the foundation, the concrete, and the crawl space of your home will experience some type of damage.

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