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Sinking Concrete Slab Problems Signs and Solutions

Sinking exterior concrete slabs surrounding your Florida and Georgia home can be more than just unsightly, learn how they steal value from your home.

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Cause of a Sinking Concrete Slab

Exterior concrete slabs rest directly on top of the soil. For this reason, anything that affects the soil will likely affect your concrete slab.

Florida is comprised mostly of sandy soils, which can easily be shifted by the heavy rains that often frequent the area. Since Florida experiences a higher amount of annual rain than most states, the soil under your driveway, sidewalk or walkways are at high risk.

Once moisture has washed away some of the soil beneath the slabs, it will have a tough time supporting the weight of the concrete. When this happens, concrete begins to sink as its weight pushes down on the loose soil.

Over time, the sunken concrete will crack and sink making your exterior concrete look old and unsightly.

What to Look For

We’ve all seen driveways or sidewalks with massive, jagged cracks running across their surface. But, there are also minor cracks, called hairline cracks, that you may want to be concerned about as well. If your concrete slab has begun to sink or crack, you’ll need repair soon.

Uneven concrete can be a tripping hazard to those in your home, especially those unsure on their feet, like children or the elderly. Pests and small animals might also make their home between the cracks.

Over time, excessive water damage to a concrete slab can also cause the slabs to break down structurally, leading to crumbling, peeling concrete.

Solutions to a Sinking Concrete Slab

Uneven, sinking concrete slabs in your driveway or sidewalk are a fairly common problem for many homeowners in Florida and Georgia. The sandy soil conditions, mixed with the frequent rains mean you are not alone. Rest assured- Alpha Foundations has the solutions for any sinking exterior concrete slabs.

Using SettleStop PolyRenewal™, a polyurethane injection, our team can fill the space between your concrete slab and the loose soil with a durable, waterproof material. PolyRenewal™ can withstand the tough weather Florida and Georgia homeowners face, and support the weight of concrete easily. You won’t have to worry about weak soil again once this material is installed under your concrete slabs.

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    Concrete Slab FAQs

    Typically, the average homeowner will be able to tell when their concrete is uneven. You will see parts of the concrete that are sinking into the soil more than others.

    If you want a fairly simple way to tell if your concrete slabs have become uneven, all you have to do is wait for rain. Thankfully, rain is quite common in Florida. Normally, puddles form on even concrete slabs during a storm. However, they quickly drain away from your home. If you notice pools of water pooling after a storm, then your concrete has become uneven. 

    Take advantage of Alpha Foundations’ free concrete inspections, our team can definitely help diagnose the problem and develop a solution fit for your home. You can get an expert opinion on how to handle your sunken concrete. 

    In the past, mud jacking was the most common solution that concrete contractors used to level exterior concrete. You may have heard of it, but it’s far from the best solution.

    Your driveway sank because the soil beneath it became weak, usually because the soil supporting the slab washed away. “Repairing” the issue with mud is counterintuitive and takes days to dry. Over time, the mud will wash out again through rain and other environmental factors, and your driveway will sink again. Mudjacking is only a temporary fix.

    Here’s the great news about using PolyRenewal™, it dries to full strength in about 20 minutes, so you can safely get back to your everyday routine the same day your repairs take place. Compared to the couple of days it takes a mud jacking job to dry and there’s no question as to which technique is more effective both in quality and cost.

    PolyRenewal™ is a long-lasting solution to your sinking concrete slabs that can withstand water damage, and heavy loads. It’s easy to see how PolyRenewal™ is the superior solution to mud jacking. Don’t wait, contact us today to experience the benefits of polyurethane injection.

    Many Florida homeowners will often try to repair any damage they see around their home by themselves. While some projects like painting or small electrical can be completed by the average homeowner, foundation repair is not something you should DIY.

    This is why you need to leave these complicated repairs to the experts at Alpha Foundations. Even savvy homeowners run into problems when attempting to lift concrete since the repair is so precise. Not to mention the amount you would need to spend in specific tools and supplies.

    Alpha Foundations offers your home free concrete inspections and offers our professional opinion on how to go about the repairs. Our experts will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your concrete damage, offering free quotes on all our powerful repair solutions while we are there. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our various systems and solutions during this visit as well. 

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    If you happen to experience any problems, each product also comes with a warranty.

    Alpha Foundations is here to make sure you receive the best concrete repair to keep your home is safe from rain, water damage, and sinking concrete slabs. To learn more about our services and receive a free estimate, or to make an appointment, contact us today.



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