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Is PolyRenewal More Effective Than Spray Foam And Mudjacking?

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Have you heard of PolyRenewal? Maybe not. But, if you are a homeowner in Georgia and Florida, you have probably experienced foundation problems, such as sunken concrete slabs. These problems are caused by weak and loosely packed soil that moves quickly or collapses. While sinking of the slab can cause cracking, concrete slabs tend to remain intact and can be lifted back into their original position.

In order to lift the concrete back into its place, a concrete leveling technique is employed. Traditionally, foundation and concrete repair companies used spray foam and mudjacking to lift concrete slabs back into place. However, a modern technique using PolyRenewal is more effective.

What Is PolyRenewal?

PolyRenewal uses high-density polyurethane to stabilize and lift concrete slabs, eliminate concrete eyesores and tripping hazards, and also correct unevenness of the concrete. Whether you need void-filling or lifting of concrete floors, this product is the perfect remedy! In addition, it can be used during any weather condition, making it a great choice in all seasons.

The polyurethane foam (a structural grade polymer) is injected beneath the slab through tiny holes. The foam rapidly expands, and the expansion fills up the void, forcing the slab to lift. PolyRenewal can cure within 15 minutes, after which you can park your car on the slab without causing any problems.

The Installation of PolyRenewal

Installing PolyRenewal is quick and easy. It involves four simple steps that result in a secure concrete slab. Even though you can find several DIY methods on the internet, it is recommended that you work with professional certified concrete experts who have undergone specialized training. The steps used to install PolyRenewal include:

Drilling Small (Penny-Sized) Holes Into the Concrete

A minimum number of small, penny-sized holes are drilled through the sunken concrete slab. This step requires heavy machinery and is accompanied by very minimal disruption to the landscaping and your home.

Installing the Injector Port

An injector port is placed into each hole drilled for the high-density polymer (polyurethane) foam to be poured in.

Injecting the Foam

The high-density polymer foam is then injected into the port. This foam is formulated with unique components that expand, causing the concrete slab to lift. The concrete slab, therefore, stabilizes without the addition of any weight.

Filling and Patching the Holes

Once the foam is injected, the next step entails removing the port, cleaning, and patching the holes in the concrete slab. The slab essentially “floats” on top of the expanded foam. The foam used in PolyRenewal is not only safe for the environment, but it is also waterproof and does not wash away.   

Why Is PolyRenewal More Effective than Spray Foam and Mudjacking?

Polyurethane foam reacts aggressively, and is therefore a better solution for raising concrete slabs. The material and equipment used for both processes (PolyRenewal and spray foam) are similar, but the foam used in PolyRenewal to lift concrete is a lot stronger.

Mudjacking involves drilling multiple holes in the concrete slab. The gaps are then filled with mud or cement slurry, which lifts the slab. Extremely heavy materials are injected, and this can cause soil compression beneath the slab and even sinking of the foundation.

This is a messy process. In addition, mudjacking takes a couple of days before you can drive or walk on it. Mudjacking overall is less reliable and not a permanent solution.

A Cleaner, More Effective Option

PolyRenewal is a more effective and a cleaner alternative process to both the spray foam and mudjacking processes. The process is easier, as the expanding foam used in PolyRenewal takes less time to dry compared to mudjacking. This is important because you need to be able to use your sidewalk or even the driveway. PolyRenewal ensures you can walk or park after a short time and does not inconvenience you for days.

In addition, this technique involves injecting a high-density polymer (polyurethane) foam beneath the concrete slab through small holes. Using small, penny-sized holes is ideal because it results in a clean and noninvasive repair. The PolyRenewal material is light. It doesn’t add extra weight to the unstable soil beneath.

A Long-Lasting Product

Also, PolyRenewal is inorganic and not sensitive to water. This gives it the capacity to last indefinitely. You also don’t have to worry about PolyRenewal washing away during heavy rain because it’s waterproof. Polyurethane foam does not disintegrate or even break down, making it strong enough to avoid erosion problems.

PolyRenewal is also less susceptible to alterations due to extreme cold or heat and is a more environmentally-friendly solution for concrete lifting than its counterparts. Keep in mind that PolyRenewal will not break down or deteriorate over time unless exposed to UV rays.

PolyRenewal uses polyurethane foam (high-density foam) to permanently lift and stabilize all sorts of sunken concrete floors. So, if you want cost-effective, long-lasting, and efficient repairs, it’s an excellent choice for you. The best part about using PolyRenewal is that you will be able to drive on it as early as 30 minutes after installation! With longer-lasting results, less disruption, and a quicker process, it is evident that PolyRenewal is more effective than spray foam and mudjacking.

Contact Alpha Foundations for PolyRenewal Installation

Sinking concrete is a common problem for most homeowners, especially in areas with weak and loosely packed soil. Whether it is uneven concrete or even a sinking sidewalk, it definitely needs repair.

At Alpha Foundations, we are proud to utilize high-capacity PolyRenewal as our solution to sunken concrete that needs leveling instead of the less effective and messier methods. Our professional team of experienced experts will lift your sunken slab back into its place with ease, leaving you a finished area that is flawless.

To learn more about our concrete lifting services, contact us today, and stop worrying about your settling or sinking concrete.

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