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Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

Seal out mold and musty odors and protect your home with crawl space encapsulation.

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Is Crawl Space Encapsulation the Right Solution For Me?

Homeowners in Florida and Georgia are too familiar with the musty smells and humidity from their crawl space. But just because it is common doesn’t make it okay. Crawl space problems like mildew and mold growth caused by moisture can lead to a whole host of problems.

More than 50 percent of the air you breathe comes from your crawl space, so it’s important to keep that space dry and clean.

Your crawl space is more important than you may think. Apart from offering a little extra space under your home, your crawl space also plays a huge part in your health and energy bills. Moisture in your crawl space leads to mold and musty odors plus pests—these problem signs greatly impact your home’s air quality, and elevated humidity causes homeowners to overuse their heating and cooling units, leading to outrageous energy bills.

Alpha Foundations have been sealing crawl spaces with their high-quality crawl space encapsulation system for more than 20 years. We recommend covering your crawl space floor with a vapor barrier, installing a waterproofing system, a sump pump, and in areas where humidity is especially high, like Saint Augustine, Boca Raton, and nearby, consider sealing block walls. This high-quality solution mechanically attaches to your concrete blocks, sealing humidity and pests out. A high-capacity, self-draining dehumidifier improves the air your family breathes and makes the whole home more comfortable.

More About Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are notorious for their sagging floors, humidity, odors, and flooding. You should call Alpha Foundations for assistance if you notice:

  • Rotting wood beams and sagging floors
  • Unusually high indoor humidity levels
  • Worsening allergy symptoms due to increased humidity
  • A musty scent that indicates crawl space moisture
  • Increased utility bills and/or the HVAC unit working overtime
  • Standing water
  • Mold and mildew in your crawl space, basement, or on your first floor
  • Condensation collecting on your joists, floors, or foundations
  • Cracking foundation
  • Pests in your home

Contractors tend to treat crawl spaces as an afterthought, so they often have inadequate support. If your crawl space isn’t encapsulated, mold and water issues could also lead to decaying beams and damaged supports. Soil and clay tend to settle and expand unevenly, but this damage can often be reversed. At Alpha Foundations, we use IntelliJack™ crawl space support posts to provide an effective, durable solution for leveling and stabilizing damaged crawl spaces.

Unencapsulated crawl spaces rarely allow for healthy drainage, so humidity can often transform into severe pooling. Perimeter drains can be placed around your walls and connect to a sump pump. This way, you can deal effectively with flooding. We can include flood alarms, submersible pumps, and vents in this service for a holistic, lasting solution. 

Your crawl space is often the only buffer between your house and the earth below, so it has a severe effect on your indoor climate. Insulation can resolve any odor issues while helping your home to achieve a stable temperature. We’ll seal your crawl space with rigid foam insulation to ensure your home is comfortable and more energy-efficient.

Crawl space encapsulation is a quick and easy solution to leave you with a dry, clean crawl space. We use the CrawlSeal™ crawl space encapsulation system to seal off your crawl space from any moisture leaking in. Once your crawl space has been encapsulated, you can start enjoying the benefits. You’ll experience more comfortable air in your home and fewer pest problems, as well as increased energy efficiency to help you save on energy bills.

Muggy air is more than just uncomfortable. It has a direct effect on your health, causing overheating and exhaustion. Crawl spaces generate an average of 0.3 to 2.9 g/m in vapor excess, so it’s unsurprising that most homes that have them suffer from humidity problems. Your crawl space shouldn’t generate more than 55% humidity, but fortunately, there are solutions to resolve all that moisture. Alpha Foundations can fix your home with a crawl space dehumidifier. This will protect your home from fungi and mold overgrowth while simultaneously improving your interior climate.

Why Is Crawl Space Encapsulation Needed?

In Florida and Georgia, the weather, with its high humidity and frequent rain, makes protecting your crawl space even more important. Many crawl spaces still have open crawl space vents and exposed dirt floors. Here we discuss a few of the most common reasons for crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation.

Moisture, Water Damage

Moisture and water are your crawl space’s worst nightmare. Moisture can enter through open vents, a loose or cracked crawl space door, a plumbing leak, or condensation caused by humidity. Regardless of the reason, moisture can cause serious damage like wood rot, mildew, and mold.

Air Quality

Since nearly half the air you breathe comes from the crawl space, ensuring healthy air quality starts there. Both mold and mildew are detrimental, but pest excrement and dust can also cause respiratory problems, especially for those struggling with asthma and allergies.

Structural Integrity

Moisture in your crawl space is responsible for wood rot. Wood rot eats through wooden beams and supports in your crawl space. This causes the wood to weaken. When these important structural supports are damaged, your entire home’s integrity is at risk.

Common Crawl Space Tips & Mistakes

For many reasons, homeowners tend to ignore their crawl spaces until they absolutely need to address them. Over more than 20 years, Alpha Foundation has been helping Florida and Georgia homeowners regain confidence in their homes. Along the way, they have developed helpful tips and mistakes which they’ve noticed in the field.

Crawl Space Tips

  • Increased Storage

Although it might not seem like it right now, a crawl space can be a wonderful place to store items like Christmas décor or seasonal outside activity equipment like skis or golf clubs. Once a crawl space encapsulation system is installed, the previously unusable space is transformed into a dry and clean storage area. New doors can be added for easy access if needed.

  • Consider The Cost

We understand no one wants to spend money on crawl space repair but choosing the least expensive repair options isn’t always the best bet. If the benefits aren’t worth the cost, why bother? Typically, price depends on the size and condition of the crawl space.  Skipping important elements to save cost may not allow you to enjoy the full benefits of an encapsulated crawl space.

  • Eliminate Pests

Florida and Georgia homeowners are no stranger to pests in their homes. Frequent visits from the exterminator are likely. One thing to consider, the pests may be entering because your damp crawl space is so attractive to them. Once you seal your crawl space, you’ll be surprised how many fewer pests you have in your home.


Crawl Space Mistakes

  • Not Maintaining the Space

Even the most advanced crawl space encapsulation system requires some amount of maintenance. Ensure your crawl space sump pump is in good condition, the vapor barrier hasn’t been damaged, and there are no plumbing leaks. It’s not unusual for crawl spaces to be difficult to get into. However, Alpha Foundation has annual maintenance programs that make the job worry and stress-free.

  • Big Box Dehumidifiers

Even with the highest quality encapsulation systems, a dehumidifier may still be needed to remove excess water from the air, especially in humid areas like Florida and Georgia. Skip the big box store units that aren’t rated to remove nearly as much water and require constant attention. Our dehumidifiers are energy-efficient, self-draining, and remove up to 100 pints per day while filtering up to 280 cubic feet per minute.

  • Not Repairing Leaking Plumbing

While crawl space encapsulation eliminates water entering from the walls and floor, plumbing leaks are a different story. Before investing in crawl space repair, ensure your pipes are properly inspected by a plumbing professional.

Find your service area

Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers is known as a vacation destination, but foundation problems are no day at the beach. If your home’s foundation, crawl space, or concrete is damaged, Alpha Foundations can help permanently repair and protect these essential structures with the best solutions.

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville homeowners take pride in their homes. It’s important to fix foundation problems as soon as possible before they get worse. The experts at Alpha can help.

Panama City, FL

Beautiful beaches and warm breezes draw many to Panama City, but the area’s wet, humid weather and sandy soils can lead to damage that impacts your entire home. Alpha Foundations provides the best solutions that permanently repair and protect your property.

Tallahassee, FL

Humid and wet Tallahassee weather coupled with sandy soil creates problems for homes’ foundations, concrete, and crawl spaces. Combat the damage from these forces with trusted, customizable, long-lasting repairs from our local experts at Alpha Foundations.

Tampa, FL

While Tampa is a beautiful Gulf city, its humid, wet, hurricane-prone weather and unstable sandy soil can lead to significant damage throughout your home. Repair the damage and protect your home for good with Alpha Foundations’ customizable permanent solutions.

Valdosta, GA

Valdosta has sandy soil and high moisture year-round. This combination can damage your home causing cracks and structural issues in your home's foundation.

West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach boasts beautiful Atlantic views and tropical breezes, but often volatile weather and soil conditions threaten home stability. Repair and protect your foundation, concrete, and crawl space with professionally engineered and installed solutions.

Miami, FL

Miami is a tropical oasis getaway for many, but the humidity, rain, and unstable soil in the area are problematic for homes. Ensure your home is properly prepared to weather the storm with permanent solutions available from Alpha Foundations.

Jacksonville, FL

Humidity, year-round rain, and unstable soil are common culprits behind crawl space, foundation, and concrete damage in homes throughout Jacksonville. Alpha Foundations has the reliable solutions your home needs for permanent stability and protection.

Orlando, FL

If you live in the muggy, sandy environment that Orlando, Florida has to offer, there is a good chance that the foundation, the concrete, and the crawl space of your home will experience some type of damage.

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