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Understanding the causes of your crawl space damage is the first step to a long-term solution. Learn more about the common causes of crawl space damage.

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What Causes Crawl Space Problems?


Moisture is one of the main causes of crawl space damage. Moisture in the form of groundwater entering the crawl space through a loose door, open crawl space vents, or an untreated dirt floor is very damaging. However, it is not the only type of moisture homeowners in humid states like Florida and Georgia need to be concerned about. High humidity levels can be almost as dangerous in a crawl space as puddles of groundwater. In the right conditions, humidity turns into condensation- causing wood rot and mold on your home’s floor joists and support structures. Crawl space encapsulation helps stop wood damage, making costly foundation repair unnecessary.  

Stack Effect  

The stack effect is a term that describes how air flows through your home. Did you know up to 50 percent of the air you breathe comes from the crawl space? That means mold spores and dust particles from under your floors find a way into the living areas of your home, ruining air quality and causing respiratory issues. Encapsulating your crawl space seals out dust, mold, and pest droppings, cleaning the air and making the area all-around more comfortable.   

Alpha Foundations: Your Crawl Space Solution Company 

Do you have a damp crawl space? Moisture problems, or puddles, from a wet crawl space causing mold, mildew and musty odors? Alpha Foundations has the answer. Their crawl space encapsulation system has solved hundreds of homeowners’ crawl space issues for two decades. Our inspector will walk you through the process, discussing the waterproofing needs your home has, and showing you the importance of a sump pump and high-quality vapor barrier. An energy-efficient, self-draining dehumidifier may also be needed to eliminate crawl space moisture, musty odors and improve air quality.   

Every home is unique, Alpha Foundation understands this and offers customized repair solutions so you’re never paying for something you don’t need. Keeping your crawl space dry is our number one priority. Contact us to set up your free crawl space inspection. 

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