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If you’re ready to transform your crawl space from wet and musty to dry and clean, Alpha Foundations has proven solutions to do just that.

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Five Crawl Space Solutions  

Now that you’ve decided to repair your crawl space, understanding the solutions your inspector may recommend based on your unique Florida and Georgia home is key. Our trained inspectors have spent years repairing homes just like yours and are knowledgeable regarding both the specific soil types at your Valdosta home and the extreme weather conditions. Below we’ll learn about common crawl space solutions you might experience.  

Crawl Space Encapsulation 

Crawl space encapsulation essentially seals your crawl space from the outside world making it a dry, useable space. Although the crawl space encapsulation system looks different in every home, it typically involves cleaning and grading your crawl space, possibly waterproofing it, and installing a vapor barrier. Crawl space insulation and a dehumidifier may also be recommended. Your inspector understands best the specific needs of your crawl space and will make suggestions accordingly.  

Crawl Space Waterproofing  

When it comes to waterproofing and moisture control in your crawl space, there are several ways this can be done. Based on both the amount of water entering your crawl space and where it’s coming from, your Alpha Foundations inspector may suggest a sump pump, drainage matting, or a crawl space drain. Regardless of this decision, if you have open crawl space vents, you will need crawl space vent covers to control water entering and a solid crawl space door if your door is loose and causing standing water problems. 

Crawl Space Insulation  

Insulating your crawl space may seem like something you can skip since the weather in Florida and Georgia is so warm, but insulation has just as much to do with keeping the keeping the area cool as it does with keeping it warm. Insulating your crawl space means the furnace and other HVAC units don’t have to work as hard, extending their lifespan and lowering your energy bills.   

Crawl Space Dehumidifier   

Even with the most advanced crawl space encapsulation system, a dehumidifier may still be needed to remove the moisture that is naturally in the air in humid areas like Jacksonville and Orlando and improve indoor air quality. Beware, not all crawl space dehumidifiers are the same. Our energy-efficient, self-draining unit removes up to 100 pints of water per day and filters up to 280 cubic feet per minute. Of course, a crawl space dehumidifier won’t fix your crawl space problems alone, but it can be a useful tool to maintain indoor air quality throughout your home.  

Crawl Space Supports 

Making sure your support system and floor joists are stable within your crawl space is key to a healthy home. In cases where you have sloping, uneven floors, as a result of crawl space water damage, you need added support in your crawl space to help carry the load. Our crawl space support jack system can help raise floors and ensure they stay stable for years to come. This foundation repair comes with transferable warranties to make the decision stess free.  

The Best Crawl Space Repair Solutions with Alpha Foundations  

As you have learned there are several ways to repair your crawl space problems depending on your home’s specific needs. The first step, however, is making the call to schedule your free, no-obligation crawl space inspection. Our team of inspectors at Alpha Foundations will suggest the correct solutions to repair your home. Since they aren’t salesman, you don’t have to worry they will sell you something you don’t need or take too much of your time. Your customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. You’ll be left with a written, easy-to-understand free quote. All our repairs come with an annual maintenance plan option that makes upkeep completely stress-free. Call or schedule your free inspection today.

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