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IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Stabilizers 

If your floors are dipping, unlevel, or feel bouncy, it’s a sign that the crawl space underneath your house needs new support beams. This type of damage can actually compromise the structural integrity of your entire home, leading to serious complications and potential injury. 

Alpha Foundations specializes in solving these issues by enhancing your floors with our reliable crawl space repair options. Our SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks are designed to reinforce your floor joists, thus solidifying your floor framework and ultimately the stability of your home. 

Exploring this page will provide you with information about the advantages of this innovative system and explain why Alpha Foundations is a leading provider for homeowners in Florida.  

What is the IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jack? 

The IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks are advanced support systems devised to fix prevalent structural concerns such as sagging and overly flexible floors. 

Made from durable steel, these supports are installed beneath floor joists and securely affixed to the beams above, providing exceptional stability and reinforcing the floor structure beneath. 

Boasting an impressive capacity to support more than 24,000 pounds per jack, IntelliJack™ provides the necessary support for your floors, remedying any unevenness. They are rigorously tested and certified, meeting all critical industry safety standards. 

IntelliJack™ is distinguishable from ordinary supports due to its adjustability, which allows for precise realignment and persistent floor firmness, essential for the structural well-being of your residence. 

Opting for this crawl space repair method means choosing an extensive strategy for home care that prioritizes both immediate fixes and lasting security and strength of your property. 

Signs You Need Crawl Space Jacks 

Detecting early symptoms of wear on floors and joists is crucial in preventing larger issues. Indications that you may require crawl space repair involve: 

These symptoms can often signal that your home’s structural soundness is at risk, necessitating immediate action to avoid further damage and maintain the safety and comfort of your living space. 

Is Crawl Space Repair Necessary? 

Certainly, addressing crawl space issues is vital as it provides significant support for your home’s foundation. Ignoring signs like sinking floors can lead to extensive structural harm, increased repair expenses, and potential safety risks. 

DIY repair attempts usually do not solve the fundamental problems tied to crawl space damage. Furthermore, venturing into your crawl space without the right gear can be dangerous and lead to injuries. Inappropriate repair work could even exacerbate the problems. 

It’s wise to engage with professionals who have the necessary equipment, training, methodologies, and safety protocols. The IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jack system is a modern solution that promptly corrects floor damages, averts future issues, and maintains the structural integrity of your home. 

What Are the Benefits of Crawl Space Jacks? 

Utilizing crawl space jacks for your repairs brings several advantages, such as: 

  • Reinforced Structural Support: IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks offer exceptional support to fragile floor joists, enhancing the overall stability of your dwelling. 
  • Possibility of Floor Realignment: Our supports are capable of not just stabilizing but potentially reverting your floors to their original flat condition. 
  • Prevention of Further Damage: By fortifying weak joists, we prevent serious damage, especially in homes dealing with foundation settlement
  • Lasting Strength: Made from steel, the IntelliJack™ system is engineered for longevity, presenting a steadfast solution to your home’s structural needs. 

Selecting Alpha Foundations for specialized solutions and expert installation guarantees you receive the full spectrum of benefits offered by these crawl space jacks. We are dedicated to providing quality and effective services that focus on your home’s safety and resilience. 

How We Install Crawl Space Jacks 

Alpha Foundations’ method for correcting sagging floors is comprehensive and includes measures like crawl space encapsulation to ensure further protection of your home’s structure. Our procedure encompasses: 

Alpha Foundations professionals apply their extensive knowledge and experience to every crawl space repair project, ensuring a high-quality installation that meets your home’s unique needs. 

Why Our Crawl Space Jacks are the Best Choice for Your Home  

IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks are unparalleled in providing structural support, promising the longevity and safety of your residence. Reasons to choose our product include:  

  • Exceptional Load Capacity: Each individual jack can bear a massive amount of weight, offering solid stability.  
  • Adjustable for Precision: Our jacks can be tailored for your specific needs, ensuring exact alignment and lasting support.  
  • Strong, Corrosion-Resistant Construction: The steel composition of our jacks ensures both durability and corrosion resistance.  
  • Tested and Certified: IntelliJack™ meets rigorous industry standards through thorough testing and certification.  
  • Comprehensive Home Solution: When paired with other Alpha Foundations solutions, our jacks provide a full stabilization system for your floors, maintained by our ongoing service.  

Get Your Free Crawl Space Inspection Today! 

Don’t let crawl space issues become a larger problem. We’ll evaluate your home’s foundation and provide the best solutions to ensure your home stands firm for years to come. 

Experience the Alpha Foundations difference and safeguard your home’s foundation. Ready to stabilize your floors with IntelliJack™? Contact us today for your free crawl space inspection in Florida! 


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