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Uneven Floors

Did you know that uneven floors are a symptom of foundation issues? With effective solutions from our foundation repair specialists, you can achieve floors that are both visually pleasing and structurally sound again. 

At Alpha Foundations, we’ve corrected thousands of uneven floors using state-of-the-art methods. Our all-encompassing foundation solutions enable you to strengthen your foundation and enjoy enduring, balanced floors! 

What Are Uneven Floors? 

An uneven floor, as you’d expect, is a floor that isn’t entirely level. Some sections of the floor might be higher or lower than others. 

This results in visible tilts, declines, and elevations across the surface of the floor. The unevenness can be annoying during daily tasks like walking, or even cooking (imagine an apple or utensils rolling off your kitchen counter!) 

The primary cause of an uneven floor typically lies in the house’s foundation. When sections of the foundation shift, sink, or weaken, it affects the floor, making it uneven. 

Why Does Your Home Have Uneven Floors?

A variety of factors contribute to the development of uneven floors. Our comprehensive approach to foundation repair aims to identify all these potential causes so we can recommend effective treatments. Frequent causes include: 

Soil Settling 

The soil under portions of the foundation tends to compact or erode over time. This uneven settling affects the floors above, causing them to become uneven too. 

Root Intrusion 

Tree roots growing in your yard can eventually find their way underneath your home. If these roots become extensive enough, they exert pressure on your foundation, leading to structural weaknesses and floor unevenness. 

Moisture Issues 

Just like your home depends on its foundation, the foundation relies on stable soil. Unfortunately, excessive moisture can disrupt the soil that supports your foundation. 

In certain areas, water erodes the soil, which leads to foundation settling and, consequently, uneven floors. In clay-rich areas, water makes the soil expand and exert pressure against the foundation, disturbing your indoor floors. 

Can Uneven Floors Be Fixed? 

Absolutely, yes! With proven foundation repair methods like pier systems, we can level your floors and simultaneously address the root issues. 

While temporary fixes like shims or sanding may improve the appearance temporarily, they don’t solve the core problem. Our foundation solutions do! 

At Alpha Foundations, we fortify your foundation to inhibit future settling or shifting. Our comprehensive repair strategy ensures durable results that homeowners have trusted for years. 

How to Correct an Uneven Floor

Alpha Foundations has fine-tuned the process of floor leveling over decades. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to work with us: 

1. Preliminary Evaluation 

Our experts will assess the state of your uneven floors, pinpointing the most affected spots. We’ll also inspect for other foundation issues or structural risks like water intrusion or compromised concrete on your property. 

2. Pier Installation 

We will install foundation piers in the affected zones to carefully lift your floors back to a level position. Our piers are custom designed to bear your home’s weight evenly. 

Depending on your home’s specific issues, we might use slab piers, push piers, or helical piers. Rest assured, whichever we choose will serve the same fundamental purpose—securing your foundation. 

3. Additional House Repairs 

If necessary, we’ll address further concerns such as moisture problems or deteriorating concrete. This all-encompassing approach forestalls any future foundation or floor issues. 

Reasons to Act on Uneven Floor Concerns Today 

Procrastinating on uneven floor repairs poses several risks: 

  • Continual settling makes floors increasingly unlevel 
  • Structural harm can arise if soil erodes or supports fail 
  • Excessive moisture could lead to mold and health issues 
  • Plumbing problems may arise from shifting foundations 
  • Repair costs grow as damage extends 

Don’t delay until a minor floor issue turns into a substantial safety or financial risk. Alpha Foundations offers affordable, minimally invasive methods to fortify unstable foundations and restore level floors. 

Contact Alpha Foundations for Sustainable Solutions 

If wobbly floors have you concerned about foundational integrity, Alpha Foundations can assist. Our specialized floor leveling services have mended thousands of foundations and floors for decades. 

We provide a no-obligation, professional evaluation and a same-day estimate. Then we devise a tailored repair strategy that addresses your home’s specific needs. Our engineered solutions offer a lasting fix you can rely on. 

Uneven floors shouldn’t be overlooked as they are a telltale sign that your foundation requires immediate attention. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and get your foundation stable again! 


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