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Can Foundations Crack on a Garage?

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Yes! Any structure that has a foundation can experience foundation settlement. Foundation settlement occurs when the ground underneath the structure is weakening under the weight.

Structural issues with a garage can be especially problematic if the garage is attached to your home. This can cause your garage to pull away from your home and tug on your home’s foundation walls.

Not all cracks are an immediate concern, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t turn into a bigger problem. 

Creating a Stable Foundation

During construction, before the basement or garage floor concrete is poured, the soil is compacted to create a solid base. When this is done correctly, the soil particles are pushed closer together which drives out air and water from tiny spaces. Once the floor is poured and settlement begins, over time the soil becomes more solid under the weight of the structure. Soil that is compacted firmly will support the structure. However, when there are problems with the soil under a concrete floor (i.e. gaps or voids underneath), the foundation may shift on it. This will lead to wall cracks, sticking doors and windows, and more.

Protect Your Home from Damaging Settlement

Garages, homes, and other structures can all be affected by settlement. If you notice that cracks worsen over time, a floor is sloping toward one side, or that there are cracks in the foundation walls, you need to contact a professional to evaluate the problem. These repairs can protect your home from further damage and even reverse the damage that has already been done. When settling causes problems like sagging floors, cracked drywall, and doors that don’t close correctly, you have a situation that requires professional care.

Foundation Problems Can Be Corrected

Alpha Foundations has the expertise to help you resolve your foundation issues and save one of your most important investments-your home. We will evaluate your foundation problems and determine what type of repair is needed. Our structural repair processes and products are proven and permanent. Whether you need foundation repairs, or a crawlspace encapsulated to solve a dampness problem, Alpha Foundations is the company to call.

Don’t ignore settlement and other foundation problems that can worsen over time and damage your home. Let us help you protect your investment. At Alpha Foundations, we will assess your situation and give you a free, no-obligation quote. We know you will be pleased with how we can help get your house back on solid ground. Give Alpha Foundations a call today.

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