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Understanding the problem signs of crawl space damage is important to the health of your home. Learn what to look for to spot a crawl space problem.

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Common Crawl Space Repair Problem Signs

If you’re visiting this page, you may suspect you have crawl space damage. Below are some of the more common problem signs you may notice. If you have any questions, the friendly staff at Alpha Foundations has nearly two decades of experience assisting Florida and Georgia homeowners and are happy to answer any questions.   

High Energy Bills

It may not seem like it, but your high heating and cooling bills may be a result of your crawl space. Crawl spaces are damp, humid areas and your home may be too because of the stack effect. The stack effect is the term that describes how the air travels through your home. When cold air enters the crawl space, it meets hot, humid air. This air is sucked up through your home and out of your roof. The stack effect can make it hard to keep a consistent temperature in your home, and homeowners tend to overtax their HVAC units to accommodate, thus leading to high energy bills. Crawl space encapsulation seals outside air out and creates an all-around more comfortable living environment.  

Wood Rot  

Most of the construction that supports your home in the crawl space is made of wood. So, wood rot in this location is a very serious problem. Wood rot occurs when water or humidity is allowed to fester in the crawl space for extended periods of time. Wood rot, or deteriorating fungal infection, weakens wood causing it to crack and support less weight than healthy wood. As a result, homeowners often notice spongy or bouncy floors in the living space above.   


Homeowners in Florida and Georgia know the damage high humidity causes. When humidity is trapped beneath your home in the crawl space, condensation occurs. Humidity can enter through both the untreated floor and through the walls themselves. Condensation leads to mold and mildew, as well as wood rot.   

mold in crawl space on wooden beams


If mold is noticed in the crawl space, it’s a clear indication that water and humidity are thriving. Mold needs three things to survive:  

  • Water – This can be groundwater leaks or condensation caused by humidity.  
  • Food – Your crawl space is full of wood, the ideal food for mold.  
  • Oxygen – An unsealed crawl space has a free flow of air.  

Not only can mold weaken the supporting wood structures of your home, but mold spores travel rapidly throughout your living areas. This brings along a musty odor and causes respiratory problems, especially for those with asthma or breathing issues.   

Alpha Foundations Can Repair Your Crawl Space Damage  

If you’re used to musty odors, sinking, uneven floors, or a damp, humid feeling, repairing your crawl space might be the solution. The experts at Alpha Foundation have two decades of experience helping homeowners with crawl space encapsulation. They use proven products and the best installation practices in the area.   

Call or email us to set up a free, no-obligation inspection. Our knowledgeable inspectors will complete a full foundation inspection and leave you with a written repair estimate. Since every home is unique, so are the solutions at Alpha Foundations. Depending on your long-term goals, your solution can be tailored to best fit your home and your wallet.

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