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Crawl Space Waterproofing in FL & Southeast GA

No matter how the water gets there, Alpha Foundations can help you dry out your crawl space with proven waterproofing solutions.

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With Florida and Georgia’s high humidity and frequent rainfall, the crawl spaces in your home can begin to trap moisture. This will result in standing water within your crawl spaces which can lead to mold and mildew growth, wood rot, structural damage, and even health problems. Water can also enter your crawl space from the ground, plumbing leaks, and heavy rain. No matter how the water gets there, Alpha Foundations can help you dry out your crawl space with proven waterproofing solutions.

Signs of Crawl Space Water Damage

The most common signs that water in your crawl space is causing issues include:

  • Mold growth on wooden surfaces and HVAC ducts
  • Wood rot
  • Termite damage
  • Buckling wooden floors

 An unencapsulated dirt crawl space can allow ground moisture to seep into the crawl space, increasing your home’s humidity levels. Over time the accumulated standing water in the crawl space leads to moisture that causes mold, mildew, and wood rot, causing discomfort and aggravating allergies and asthma.

Prevent spending hundreds on water damage to your crawl space with Alpha Foundations. Get a free estimate online to learn more!

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    Keep Your Crawl Space Dry with Our Proven CrawlSeal System

    To prevent your crawl space from filling with water, our CrawlSeal system will get the job handled. Depending on your crawl space’s needs, this can include:

    • Perimeter drainage: Our CrawlDrain™ system is designed to capture water seepage from the walls and floor of your crawl space.
    • Drainage matting: When installed with our CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier, the CrawlSeal Matting carries excess water to the CrawlDrain™ perimeter drainage while also softening the floor and increasing the durability of the encapsulation system.
    • A dehumidifier: The high-performance SafeDri™ dehumidifier will keep the crawl space dry while automatically maintaining the ideal humidity level, preventing mold growth, musty odors, wood rot, and pest infestations.

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    For nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping homeowners save hundreds on crawlspace services. Alpha Foundations is here to ensure that you have a healthier crawl space and home. Get in touch to receive a free estimate with us to get started! We service Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Boca Raton, Valdosta, Fort Myers, and many nearby areas in Florida and Georgia.

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