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Cracked Concrete

The concrete around your home can crack for a number of reasons. Learn more about how concrete damage is caused and the solutions we offer to restore it.

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Nobody wants to deal with cracked concrete around their home. It takes away from the look of your home and can even be a hazard for passersby. It’s also a problem that will only grow exponentially if left unchecked because when a concrete slab cracks, parts of it will sink into the underlying ground. On top of being unsightly, these cracks may allow water to leak below the surface. Consequently, the soil under the surface can be softened or even washed away. This will cause further cracks as it sinks into the spaces made by washed-away soil.

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    What Causes Concrete to Crack?

    Reasons concrete can crack include:

    • Premature shrinkage of concrete during cure
    • Dynamic or static overload of mechanical components
    • An uncontrolled cracking of a structural element due to excessive temperature changes
    • Settling of the foundation or base
    • Excessive surface watering

    Sealing your driveway, sidewalk, or other concrete feature may help ensure the longevity of your concrete. By installing a professional, long-lasting sealant like SettleStop™, Alpha Foundations can seal your concrete properly and maintain its integrity.

    Our Solution: SettleStop™

    SettleStop™, a silicone-based concrete sealant, can prevent water, ice, and dirt from seeping into concrete joints and the ground below. In addition, it can also be used to prevent things like radon gas from rising from below the concrete. Last but not least, SettleStop™ can enhance the look and feel of concrete slabs.

    Some other benefits of SettleStop™ include:

    • Adaptability: Due to its weather-resistant features and ability to tolerate extreme temperatures, SettleStop™ can deal with the shrinkage and expansion of concrete.
    • Year-round installation: SettleStop™ is an adaptable option, making it possible to install it year-round, no matter the weather.
    • Visual appeal: The SettleStop™ concrete sealer is resistant to UV rays, so your concrete slab won’t bubble, crack, or dry.
    • Well-timed cure: Contrary to urethane caulking products, SettleStop™ will dry tack-free in just 60 minutes.
    • Sturdy: The SettleStop™ is purpose-built as a durable solution for sealing concrete joints and cracks.
    • Combine with PolyRenewal: If concrete lifting is necessary, SettleStop™ can work in conjunction with PolyRenewal to lift concrete.

    Reach out to us for a free, no-obligation estimate today in Florida, Georgia, and nearby areas! If you are interested in trying out SettleStop™, contact our experts today!

    SettleStop™ Installation: How it Works

    Concrete slabs can be repaired in a matter of minutes by sealing joints and cracks. The first step in the crack filling process is to drill and smooth the cracks.

    The next step consists of installing backer rods in concrete joints to prepare them. Backer rods prevent sealants from sticking to the bottom of joints, thus reducing their flexibility. Further, this reduces the amount of SettleStop™ needed per joint.

    With these two steps completed, SettleStop™ is ready to be applied to concrete! We will fill in the cracks with sealant and remove any excess. In just 60 minutes, your concrete will be fully functional and ready to use.

    Don’t attempt to DIY your concrete repair – call on the team at Alpha Foundations for professional cracked concrete repair!

    Make Your Concrete Good as New with Our Expert Concrete Services!

    Concrete slabs on your property can be kept durable and intact by sealing joints and cracks that could otherwise be the cause of lasting damage. Our concrete technicians at Alpha Foundations are ready to inspect and resolve any issue to deliver uniformed, good-as-new concrete.

    Reach out to Alpha Foundations today or fill out our online form to request your free estimate!



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