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Reasons Why Your Concrete Is Sinking

The exterior concrete slabs at your Florida and Georgia home are likely to sink because of the weather and soil. Learn how Alpha Foundations can help with our proven solutions.

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What Causes Concrete to Crack & Sink?

Even the most beautiful concrete walkways, porches, or driveways can be marred by cracks or uneven slabs. Since exterior concrete slabs handle a substantial amount of weight daily, all concrete is susceptible to cracking and sinking at some point. Cracking and uneven slabs can occur for several reasons, including: 

Inadequate Slab Support 

A concrete slab that is only partially supported by soil can collapse, crack, and become unlevel. A good, uniformed foundation can help prevent slabs from sinking, but proper maintenance must be performed to ensure washout is minimized.  


One of the most common causes of cracks is shrinkage due to moisture. This can be due to poorly mixed concrete – usually with too much water. Shrinkage can also be exacerbated by overmixing the concrete. While shrinkage cracks are often barely visible and are only a hairline in width, they can extend through the entire slab, becoming a larger eyesore. 

Soil Types 

Different soil types can bear different loads. A heavy concrete slab will cause soil that isn’t load bearing to compact and settle, leading to sinking, cracking, crumbling, and unevenness of the concrete. 

Soil Washout 

Sinking concrete can also be caused by soil erosion. Water can wash away the soil beneath your concrete slabs, which supports its weight. Whenever this occurs, a void is created beneath. Your concrete slab can sink over time if there is nothing to hold it up. 

Expansion Cracks 

Concrete is also prone to cracking because of expansion. In extremely hot conditions, like in Florida and Georgia, concrete slabs expand as they warm up. Any concrete slab in its path will be pushed against by concrete’s inevitable expansion. A crack will result if neither can flex. 

Get your concrete repaired and restored with Alpha Foundations! Schedule a free, no-obligation appointment today.  

What Causes Stained Or Patchy Concrete? 

Have you noticed homes with stained concrete in their driveways? Sometimes the stains are subtle, but despite their similar colors, it makes the driveway seem blotchy. Stains and patchiness can happen for several reasons, including: 

Material Inconsistencies 

Consistency is key to an attractive concrete surface. A harmonious and even appearance requires all concrete portions to be mixed at the same ratio. Your contractor should choose materials that adhere to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards so that concrete works consistently. 

Replacing Cement With Alternative Materials

Contractors and homeowners may prefer to use recycled materials in a concrete mixture to make it more environmentally friendly. But, because these replacement substances behave differently than traditional concrete, the color they produce may not be the same as existing concrete. 

Unskilled Craftsmanship 

The surface appearance of concrete can be influenced by how it was laid and the weather conditions. Expert concrete contractors take these factors into account to minimize pouring accidents. Failure to do this correctly can result in discolored concrete. 

Stop Dealing With Sunken Cracked Slabs, Alpha Foundations Can Restore Your Concrete 

Alpha Foundations is one of Florida and Georgia’s most experienced foundation and concrete repair companies. With hundreds of homeowners and property managers relying on us for concrete repair, our concrete contractors specialize in a variety of concrete services, including driveway, patio, and stair repair. Contact us for a free estimate! 

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