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Sticking Windows and Doors

If your windows and doors are sticking or have gaps, chances are your home is experiencing foundation settlement. Learn more.

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Alpha Foundations Solves Foundation Problems That Cause Sticking Windows & Doors

Any opening made in a wall represents a weak point. This is especially true for load-bearing exterior walls. That’s why foundation settlement will often cause cracks around window and door openings, as shown above.

Foundation settlement and crawl space supports that settle, shift, or deteriorate are the most common causes of sticking windows and doors in Florida and Georgia. When your windows and doors stick or jam or the locks won’t function, Alpha Foundations can determine if it’s your foundation that’s causing the problem. If you see diagonal cracks at the tops of windows or doors, have uneven floors, or the window/door openings don’t seem quite square, it’s a safe bet your foundation is the reason.

We encourage you to contact the experts at Alpha Foundations today! We offer free estimates to homeowners and businesses in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa and throughout our Florida and Georgia service area.

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    Identifying Problems with Windows & Doors

    Door and window problems can be really frustrating. It’s even more distressing when foundation problems are the cause. While not always, cracks that spread along window and door openings can indicate foundation settlement issues. If these are ignored, there is the potential for the home to suffer even more significant damage. 

    When window and door cracks are connected to foundation problems, there are usually one of two reasons:

    1. Settling foundations

    Foundation settlement is never uniform. This is because varying soil conditions can exist under the same structure, which leads to uneven settlement. Often, you’ll notice sections of the foundation or slab start to crack or shift while others remain immobile.

    While foundations and slabs crack, the wood framing will usually bend or twist. This creates a skewed opening for windows, and it causes doors and floors to dip.

    Further, drywall is not as flexible, which makes it more likely to crack. If the house has a brick or stone exterior, this is even less flexible, and foundation settlement will likely cause cracks in the upper masonry surfaces.

    We Solve Foundation Settlement Problems!

    At Alpha Foundations, we install foundation piers at critical locations. These piers extend to the stable load-bearing soil. We then attach the piers to the foundation using steel brackets. This process prevents further settling and can allow the foundation to be jacked back into the original position. Once raised, cracks in the wall will close, and doors, locks, and windows may regain their functionality. Most importantly, further foundation settlement will come to a halt.

    We can install push piers or helical piers. Each is supported by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as our own performance warranty.

    2. Sinking crawl space supports

    Crawl spaces are often poorly designed. Many crawl spaces in Florida and Georgia have far too few support columns. They also suffer from rotting floor joists and girders due to the region’s high water tables and high humidity. Coupled with weak supporting soils, it’s a recipe for a sinking crawl space.

    As the crawl space sinks, so too will the floor it supports. This will create uneven surfaces and will pull the interior walls downwards. As the walls sink, they will pull apart and create cracks in the interior walls. At this stage of the warping, doors will jam and will be difficult to open and shut.

    We Solve Sinking Crawl Spaces!

    We install crawl space support jacks to solve the problem. This involves excavating a hole for each support and creating a base using engineered fill. On top of this, we position a pre-cast concrete base and mount the support jack atop this.

    This stops the floor from sinking and sagging. Installation is fast and relatively straightforward. In most cases, we can complete the job in about a day. Further, the jacks are adjustable and can lift the floors and walls back to level.

    How Do I Know Which Foundation Repair I Need?

    Identifying which foundation repair is required means determining whether the problem is centered around either the interior or exterior of your home. If there are exterior cracks and patio doors, front doors, and windows are jamming, it’s likely because of foundation settlement. If the problem is with interior doors and walls, it’s likely because of sinking crawl space supports.

    Alpha Foundations Are Your Local Foundation Repair Experts In FL And GA

    Foundation problems can be daunting, but they are not insurmountable. Our team of experts can tackle the most challenging problems. We will permanently resolve the problem and restore both the value and stability of your home.

    We provide free foundation repair quotes within our Florida and Georgia service areas, including an on-site inspection, personal consultation, and written estimate.

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