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Post-Tree Removal: Doubling Down On Home Protection

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Tree removal should be a homeowner’s last resort when you’re worried that tree roots may be damaging your foundation. If you do choose to have a tree removed from near your home, you’re committing not only to that removal process but to the work that comes after it. After all, removing a tree from your property doesn’t mean that the tree’s root systems will stop impacting the structural integrity of your home.

What can you do if you have a tree removed but the crack in your foundation or leak in your crawl space doesn’t stop?

What’s Gone Wrong: A Checklist

When you’ve removed a tree but still find yourself dealing with a leak in your home, there may be something more at work in your yard. The good news is that you can take the inspection process step by step to determine what’s gone wrong and how you can best address this new problem.

Step 1: Assess The State Of Your Tree

To get started, take a look at the tree you’ve removed. If you removed your tree on your own time, it’s possible that you missed some of the roots underground. It’s also possible that your tree isn’t entirely dead.

If you had your tree removed by professionals, get in touch with your team and have someone return to your property to take a look at the removal site. Ideally, professionals will have removed your stump along with the rest of the tree. If the stump remains or if the professionals missed some of the root system, that could explain why you’re still dealing with a leak.

Step 2: Talk To Your Local Professionals

If you did remove your tree on your own time and you think something’s wrong with the removal site, it’s time to reach out for professional guidance. Get in touch with a local team and have them take a look at the job you’ve done. Most of the time, professionals will be able to let you know whether or not you successfully killed off a tree in your yard. It’s possible, as mentioned before, that you missed the ends of the root systems or have left a stump alive.

Again, if you originally had a professional team remove a tree from your property, you’ll want to stay in communication with that team even after the removal. If your leak continues to worsen and you believe the removed tree is still the cause, you can talk to your team and call them back out for a home inspection.

Step 3: Make Sure Your Stump Is Fully Removed

When in doubt, look for your stump. Sometimes, you may choose to have a professional team leave your stump behind to save money, or you may leave the stump yourself if you’ve removed your tree on your own.

While leaving a stump saves time, money, and stress, it can make your foundation problems worse in the long run. A stump that hasn’t successfully been separated from a tree’s root system is part of a still-living tree. You’ll need to invest in stump removal if you want the tree roots around your foundation to stop damaging your home.

Step 4: Consider Chemical Root Killers

After you or a team of professionals have removed a tree from your property, you can always double-down on the removal process. There are several chemical root removers available on the market that’ll enter your stump or root system. These chemicals will kill off stumps and root systems that are still alive while also removing them from the vicinity of your home.

Step 5: Reach Out For Professional Foundation Repair

When all is said and done, it may not have been the tree’s roots that caused your home to start leaking. Even if it was, your home’s foundation may now be suffering from cracks and settling. In these cases, you’re going to want to get in touch with one of the professional foundation repair companies working in your area. These professionals will be able to inspect your home and determine the best plan of action. After an inspection, they’ll provide you with a free quote on potential services and guide you through your next steps.

Do note that you’ll always want to reach out to a professional at this point in your home waterproofing and repair process. While you can try to DIY away, these solutions often end up causing homeowners more trouble down the line. It’ll be easiest for you to get ahead of future home problems with professional guidance instead of trying to identify the source of your leak on your own time.

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