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Foundation Repair

Is it Dangerous if My Chimney is Tilting? Learn More

Yes! You should certainly be concerned if your chimney is tilting away from your home. If a chimney is tilting, that means that there is an underlying structural issue that could cause damage or injury. The structural problems are happening because the chimney has either been built on unstable soil or they were not built […]

Steps to Take for Your Foundation Insurance Claims in Florida Learn More

Foundation problems from settlement, heave, or flooding can cause significant damage throughout your home. Then there’s repair and filing an insurance claim to recover from the damage. Safety First If you’re experiencing flooding, the most important thing is to ensure your safety and that of your family. Here are the key items that need to […]

5 Easy Ways to Drain Water Away from Your Foundation Learn More

Dealing with water damage can be a homeowner’s nightmare, especially when it threatens the very foundation of your home. In Florida, where rain is abundant, water pooling around your foundation isn’t just a possibility – it’s a common issue that can lead to significant structural problems. The good news is that preventing water damage can […]

Can Trees Damage Your Foundation? Learn More

The trees in your yard have more of a say in your home’s health than you might think. Tree roots, for example, can cause the soil around your foundation to shift, making it more prone to foundation damage. Luckily, there are steps you can take to mitigate that damage while still allowing your trees to […]

floor gap

Don’t Settle: How To Fix A Settling Foundation Learn More

A stable foundation is the cornerstone of your home’s integrity, yet it’s at risk from the very ground it rests upon. Excessive hydrostatic pressure and soil shifts can compromise your foundation, leading to settling and sinking that threatens your home’s structure and safety. This article will teach you how to identify and address the risks […]

Compromised brick foundation.

Post-Tree Removal: Doubling Down On Home Protection Learn More

Tree removal should be a homeowner’s last resort when you’re worried that tree roots may be damaging your foundation. If you do choose to have a tree removed from near your home, you’re committing not only to that removal process but to the work that comes after it. After all, removing a tree from your […]

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